Rec Baseball

Latrobe Little League

Phillies 7, Tigers 2. Leading hitters — Gaige Bartholomew (triple), Joey Crimboli (two singles), Rick Bauer, Noah Dixon (singles), Phillies; John Hess (double, singles), Brian McIlnay, Evan Ulewicz (single), Tigers; WP — Pickle Burket (SO-4, W-2), Crimboli (SO-2, W-2), Will Austraw (SO-2, W-0), LP — Jeremy Lazarchik (SO-7, W-5), Ulewicz (SO-4, W-0); Phillies 5-0, Tigers 0-5.

Rockies 13, Red Sox 4. Leading hitters — Joseph Razza (triple, single), Sam Rafferty (double, single), Evan Springob (two singles), Davin Barger, Mason Hrubes, Braden Nelson, Vinny Razza, Aiden Upole, Noah Skoloda (single), Red Sox; Kalvin Clayton (triple, two singles), Luke Bulebosh (double, three singles), Tommy Snyder, Joe Bearer (three singles), Noah Dixon (two singles), Dean Giglio, Donovan Carroll, Wyatt Neiderhiser, Austin Slezak (single), Rockies; WP — Bulebosh (SO-3, W-0), LP — Upole (SO-3, W-1), Joseph Razza (SO-1, W-1); Rockies 4-2, Red Sox 2-4.

Pirates 6, Red Sox 5. Leading hitters — Chris Heese (double), Charlie Heese, Vinny Calabrace, Ben Hantz, Landon Miney, Ramone Williams, Russell Fry (single), Pirates; Leland Wiedenburg (double, single), Braden Nelson (double), Mason Hrubes (two singles), Joseph Razza, Aiden Upole (single), Red Sox; WP — Calabrace (SO-2, W-1), Fry (SO-4, W-1), Williams (SO-3, W-0), LP — Upole (SO-3, W-0), Hrubes (SO-3, W-1), Razza (SO-2, W-1); Pirates 4-1.

Holes-in-one at local golf courses

Dr. Ron Vittone, of Laughlintown, tallied a hole-in-one at Latrobe Country Club on Friday.

He scored his ace on No. 13 with a six-iron. Witnesses were Vin and Sandy Sarni.

Also this weekend, Gary Falcone registered a hole-in-one at Tom’s Run Golf Course, part of the Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort and Conference Center.

The 60-year-old Falcone, of Blairsville, tallied his hole-in-one on Thursday. He used an 8-iron on the 138-yard 16th hole. Anthony Faulk witnessed the hole-in-one.

Auto Racing

Lernerville Speedway

Saturday, June 27

LATE MODEL – Cade Dillard, Max Blair, Darrell Lanigan, Dennis Erb, Mike Norris, Brandon Sheppard, Chris Madden, Ricky Weiss, Ashton Winger, Chub Frank

Friday, June 26

LATE MODEL – Brandon Sheppard, Mike Norris, Scott Bloomquist, Cade Dillard, Boom Briggs, Mason Zeigler, Gregg Satterlee, Darrell Lanigan, Chase Junghans, Chris Madden

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