The Greater Latrobe boys secured a top-five finish at the Westmoreland County Coaches Association Swimming and Diving Championships last weekend at Derry Area High School.

The Greater Latrobe boys came away with a fifth-place showing, scoring 232 points, while the Lady Wildcats captured sixth with 170 points.

The Derry Area girls tied for seventh with Greensburg Salem, both with 103 points, while the Trojan boys took ninth with 126 points.

The Ligonier Valley girls took ninth (93) and the boys came in 10th with 69 points.

Hempfield Area captured the girls competition and Franklin Regional won on the boys side.

Diving took the spotlight for Greater Latrobe, Derry Area and Ligonier Valley athletes on Friday night, while swimmers competed on Saturday.

GL’s Corbin Makar placed fourth for the boys in the 100 breaststroke with a 1:02.87. Hannah Brewer took fifth for the Lady Wildcats in the 100 butterfly (1:01.11) while Colin Spehar came in sixth for the Greater Latrobe boys in the 100 backstroke with a :57.86.

Three Greater Latrobe relay teams also placed in the top six.

Brendan Bugala, Makar, Spehar and Gavin Skwirut came in fourth in the 200 medley relay for the Greater Latrobe boys in 1:45.66.

The grouping of Gracie Wetzel, Molly Bobik, Andrea Hoffman and Brewer took sixth for the Greater Latrobe girls in the 200 free relay in 1:45.95. The same grouping, Brewer, Wetzel, Hoffman and Bobik, took sixth in the 400 free relay in 4:00.21.

Wes Buhite was the lone finisher on the swimming side inside the top six for the DA boys. He took sixth in the 100 breast in 1:04.36. Buhite, a senior, finished his junior season 26th in the state in the 100 breast.

Nick Roddy was the standout for the Ligonier Valley boys on Friday, capturing the top spot in diving with 418.90 points.

It was a 1-2 sweep for the Greater Latrobe girls during Friday night’s diving competition.

Jordyn Miller won the event with a 462.35 while Lauren Bisignani came in second with 417.50 points. Last season, Miller and Bisignani placed second and third, respectively at the WCCA Diving Championships.

Miller and Bisignani took eighth and ninth, respectively during last season’s WPIAL Class 3A Diving Championships. Miller’s older sister Taylor was a three-time WCCA Diving champion. Taylor Miller, now diving at Ohio University, was a two-time state qualifier and finished her senior year top 10 in the state.

Derry Area’s Ali Cowan finished third behind the Greater Latrobe duo in diving with a 362.60. Cowan, a junior, ended her sophomore season with a ninth-place finish at the PIAA Class AA Diving Championships.

On the boys’ side, behind Roddy, Derry Area’s Cameron Washburn placed fourth in diving (383.30), while Greater Latrobe’s Clay McClintock ended one spot back, fifth with a score of 359.15.

Westmoreland County Coaches Association Swimming Championships (Derry Area High School) GIRLS

Team Standings: Hempfield Area (HA) 355, Franklin Regional (FR) 330, Penn-Trafford (P-T) 301, Norwin (N) 294, Mount Pleasant (MP) 254, Greater Latrobe (GL) 170, Derry Area (GS) 105, Greensburg Salem (DA) 105, Ligonier Valley (LV) 93

, Burrell (B) 88, Belle Vernon Area (BVA) 71, Kiski Area (KA) 58, Southmoreland (S) 16, Valley (V) 16.


200 medley relay— Mount Pleasant (S. Gardner, H. Gardner, Brown, Hornick), Franklin Regional, Hempfield Area, Norwin, Penn-Trafford, Greensburg Salem; 1:50.71 200 freestyle— Kutchak (N), Myers (FR), Smeltzer (N), Graves (P-T), O’Toole (B), S Gardner (MP); 1:57.65 200 individual medley— Pazsek (P-T), Patterson (BVA), Tomb (P-T), Crupie (HA), Eiben (FR), Fontanazza (HA); 2:10.65 50 freestyle— Martz (HA), Cisco (HA), Zukina (N), Good (P-T), Todaro (N), Siler (FR); :24.65. 100 butterfly— Nemetz (HA), Eiben (FR), Fontanazza (HA), Zukina (N),

Brewer (GL)

, Brown (MP); :59.52. 100 freestyle— H. Gardner (MP), Cisco (HA), Paszek (P-T), Kutchak (N), Martz (HA), Good (P-T); :51.84 500 freestyle— Myers (FR), Smeltzer (N), Nemetz (HA), Tomb (P-T), Heffelfinger (N), O’Toole (B); 5:13.61 200 freestyle relay— Hempfield Area (Cisco, Martz, Nemetz, Crupie), Mount Pleasant, Penn-Trafford, Norwin, Franklin Regional,

Greater Latrobe (Wetzel, Bobik, Hoffman, Brewer)

, 1:39.46 100 backstroke— Crupie (HA), S Gardner (MP), Watters (HA), Brown (MP), Hilty (FR), Graves (P-T); :57.57 100 breaststroke— H. Gardner (MP), Siler (FR), Patterson (BVA), Blakley (FR), Cassidy (GS), Mitchell (HA); 1:04.61 400 freestyle relay— Hempfield Area (Cisco, Martz, Nemetz, Crupie), Penn-Trafford, Norwin, Franklin Regional, Mount Pleasant,

Greater Latrobe (Brewer, Wetzel, Hoffman, Bobik)

; 3:37.49 Diving—

Miller (GL), Bisignani (GL), Cowan (DA)

, Lentz (P-T), Fabac (P-T), Rose (FR); 462.35.


Team Standings: Franklin Regional (FR) 393.5, Penn-Trafford (P-T) 264, Norwin (N) 252.5, Hempfield Area (HA) 247, Greater Latrobe (GL) 232, Belle Vernon Area (BVA) 183, Kiski Area (KA) 161, Mount Pleasant (MP) 139, Derry Area (DA) 126, Ligonier Valley (LV) 69

, Greensburg Salem (GS) 66, Southmoreland (S) 25, Burrell (B) 22, Yough (Y) 16, Kiski School (KS) 13-


200 medley relay— Norwin (Kostrobala, Tran, Tulenko, Livsey), Franklin Regional, Hempfield Area, Greater Latrobe (Bugala, Makar, Spehar, Skwirut)

, Kiski Area, Greensburg Salem; 1:40.20. 200 freestyle— Tulenko (N), Prokopec (P-T), Harris (FR), Hansen (KA), Holm (FR), West (BVA); 1:41.81. 200 individual medley— Tran (N), Bunker (FR), Holm (FR); Falcon (HA), Coleman (KA), Graziano (P-T); 2:00.34 50 freestyle— Shahan (BVA), Tulenko (N), Yant (P-T), Peila (HA), Rizzer (FR), Livsey (N); :20.95. 100 butterfly— Shahan (BVA), Holm (FR), Graziano (P-T), Coleman (KA), Falcon (HA), Bailey (FR); :50.37 100 freestyle— Yant (P-T), Holm (FR), Harris (FR), Peila (HA), West (BVA), Livsey (N); :47.91. 500 freestyle— Prokopec (P-T), McFaden (FR), Hansen (KA), Sterlitz (KA), Piraino (FR), Dzurica (HA); 4:49.22 200 freestyle relay— Franklin Regional (Wang, Rizzer, Harris, Holm), Penn-Trafford, Norwin, Hempfield Area, Belle Vernon Area, Mount Pleasant; 1:28.98 100 backstroke— Falcon (HA), McFaden (FR), Sterlitz (KA), Wang (FR), Kostrobala (N),

Spehar (GL)

; :54.92 100 breaststroke— Mao (FR), Bunker (FR), Tran (N),

Makar (GL), Miller (S), W. Buhite (DA)

; 1:01.04 400 freestyle relay— Franklin Regional (McFaden, E Holm, Harris, O Holm), Penn-Trafford, Belle Vernon Area, Hempfield Area, Kiski Area, Mount Pleasant; 3:16.58 Diving—

Roddy (LV), Yohe (FR), Lentz (P-T), Washburn (DA), McClintock (GL), DePietro (P-T); 418.90

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