Bardine’s won a pair of Latrobe-Derry Area Teener League games played this weekend.

Bardine’s toppled Heat Siphon and Cooperstown Vets, while Nakles, St. Joe’s Club, VFW and Derry Ukes also scored victories. Nakles and VFW both defeated St. Anthony, while St. Joe’s Club topped Frontier Club and Derry Ukes defeated F.O. Eagles.

Derry Ukes 9,

F.O. Eagles 8

Derry Ukes scored a walk-off winner against F.O. Eagles on Friday.

Derry Ukes (5-4) broke an 8-8 tie with the game-winning run in the bottom of the seventh inning. The game was tied, 5-5, through three innings before Derry Ukes jumped in front 8-6 through four complete. F.O. Eagles (1-10) forged the 8-8 tie with two runs in the top of the sixth before Derry Ukes won it with a run in the seventh.

Tyler Martin guided Derry Ukes at the plate with three singles and two runs, while John Wasnick also singled three times. Peyton Gmuer added two hits, including a double and two runs, while Anthony Monios and William Harry both singled twice and crossed. Nick Stump also singled and scored two runs for Derry Ukes, which produced nine runs on 13 hits.

Logan Bradish led F.O. Eagles with three hits, including two doubles and a run. Buddy Young also produced three hits, including a triple and three runs. Lou Amatucci also doubled twice and scored four times for F.O. Eagles, which put up eight runs on 10 hits.

Wasnick was the winning pitcher with two strikeouts and three walks. Bradish took the loss, fanning one and walking zero.

Bardine’s 5,

Cooperstown Vets 3

Bardine’s held off Cooperstown Vets for a two-run victory on Friday.

Bardine’s (5-5) trailed 3-1 after one inning before scoring three times in the top of the third to jump ahead for good.

Ashton Beighley led Bardine’s with two singles and a run scored, while Ahmad Ward also singled two times. Matt Sterrett singled and scored, while Erick Batista crossed twice for Bardine’s, which produced five runs on six hits.

Corey Boerio guided Cooperstown (9-2) with three singles and a run. Brady Angus and Jonathan Hugus also scored runs for Cooperstown, which put up three runs on five hits.

Beighley was the winning pitcher with five strikeouts and five walks. Hugus took the loss with one strikeout and three walks.

VFW 14,

St. Anthony 5

VFW put St. Anthony away late in a game played on Saturday.

VFW (4-7) led 4-2 after three innings, and upped the advantage to 6-3 after five before scoring eight of the final 10 runs of the game, a pair of four-run innings in the sixth and seventh.

Tony Massari led VFW at the plate with three singles and a run, while Zach Stott and Brayen Hill both singled twice and scored two runs. Hayden Porterfield also singled twice, while Riley Smith had a base hit and three runs. Dom Cararini and John Tropeano both singled and scored, while Maddox Mignogna crossed three times for VFW, which put up 14 runs on 12 hits.

Wade Boyle guided St. Anthony offensively (5-3) with two singles and a run. Joe Coletti and Keegan Young both singled and scored for St. Anthony, which scored five runs on four hits.

Stott was the winning pitcher with five strikeouts and seven walks. Coletti suffered the loss with five strikeouts and five walks.

St. Joe’s Club 14,

Frontier Club 3

St. Joe’s Club won big against Frontier Club in its first Latrobe-Derry Area Teener League victory of the season.

St. Joe’s Club (1-8) led 4-0 through two innings and scored four more runs for an 8-0 lead before Frontier Club (5-5) scored its first two runs. St. Joe’s added six more runs to clinch its first win of the season.

Simeon Chappell led the charge for St. Joe’s Club with two hits, including a double and three runs scored. Jack Jeffery doubled and scored two runs, while Jacob Cramer and Eli Boring also produced one hit and two runs. Peyton Chismar doubled and Vinny Zaccagnini also crossed twice for St. Joe’s Club, which scored 14 runs on seven hits.

Cooper Basciano and Tyler Bauer both singled and scored for Frontier Club, which scored three runs on six hits.

Chismar was the winning pitcher with one strikeout and five walks. Aidan Cottom took the loss, fanning three and walking four.

Bardine’s 17,

Heat Siphon 7

Bardine’s scored multiple runs in every inning but two of them during a 10-run victory against Heat Siphon.

Bardine’s (6-5) led 2-0 through one inning. It broke out for a six-run second for an early 8-0 lead and a 10-1 advantage through three. Both teams combined for 13 runs in the sixth inning.

Ryan Baughman led Bardine’s at the plate with two singles and two runs scored, while Tyler Samide and Andrew Hantz both had a hit and three runs. Ashton Beighley and Colin Bush both contributed a hit and two runs, while Ethan Frye and Ahmad Ward singled and scored. Eric Batista also crossed twice for Bardine’s, which scored 17 runs on eight hits.

Nate Lemmon guided Heat Siphon (7-2) offensively with four hits, including a double and a run. Roman Fridley singled and scored, while Tyler Fazekas crossed two times for Heat Siphon, which produced seven runs on six hits.

Frye was the winning pitcher with three strikeouts and four walks. Hayden Smolleck took the loss, walking four.

Nakles 7,

St. Anthony 3

A big first inning was enough for Nakles to score a four-run victory against St. Anthony.

St. Anthony (5-4) scored the first run of the game, but Nakles (7-3) answered with a six-run inning, which was enough to carry it to victory.

Dan Calabrace led Nakles at the plate with a double and a run. Santino Bryer, Andrew Anderson and Mike Tortorella all singled and scored for Nakles, which put up seven runs on five hits.

Wade Boyle singled three times and scored three runs to lead St. Anthony offensively.

Bryer was the winning pitcher with nine strikeouts and four walks. Jake Rosborough walked three in defeat.


F.O. Eagles 320 102 0 — 8 10 3Derry Ukes 041 300 1 — 9 13 3 Doubles: Amatucci-2, Bradish-2 (F.O.E.); Gmuer (DU) Triples: Young (F.O.E.) Strikeouts by: Lloyd-10, Wasnick-2 (DU); Bradish-1, Zilli-2, Amatucci-1 (F.O.E.) Base on balls by: Lloyd-5, Wasnick-3 (DU); Bradish-0, Zilli-3, Amatucci-1 (F.O.E.) Winning pitcher: John Wasnick Losing pitcher: Logan Bradish

Bardine’s 103 000 1 — 5 6 2Cooperstown 300 000 0 — 3 5 3 Strikeouts by: Beighley-5, Batista-4 (B); J Hugus-1, Oldenburg-2 (CV) Base on balls by: Beighley-5, Batista-3 (B); J Hugus-3, Oldenburg-2 (CV) Winning pitcher: Ashton Beighley Losing pitcher: Jonathan Hugus

VFW 211 204 4 — 14 12 4St. Anthony 011 011 1 — 5 4 6 Strikeouts by: Stott-5, Bry Hill-0, Bra Hill-1 (VFW); Coletti-5, Stynchula-2, Rosborough-1, Krehlik-0 (SA) Base on balls by: Stott-7, Bry Hill-3, Bra Hill-0 (VFW); Coletti-5, Stynchula-4, Rosborough-1, Krehlik-0 (SA) Winning pitcher: Zach Stott Losing pitcher: Joe Coletti

St. Joe’s 040 460 0 — 14 7 1Frontier Club 000 210 0 — 3 6 4 Doubles: Chismar, Chappell, Jeffery (SJC) Strikeouts by: Chismar-1, Schreyer-0 (SJC); Cottom-3, Darazio-2, Marino-2 (FC) Base on balls by: Chismar-5, Schreyer-1 (SJC); Cottom-4, Darazio-4, Marino-2 (FC) Winning pitcher: Peyton Chismar Losing pitcher: Aidan Cottom

Heat Siphon 001 060 0 — 7 6 5Bardine’s 262 070 0 — 17 8 6 Doubles: Lemmon (HS) Strikeouts by: Frye-3, Baughman-0, Bush-2 (B); Smolleck-0, Brack-0, Lemmon-1, Fazekas-1, Fridley-1, Piper-0 (HS) Base on balls by: Frye-4, Baughman-3, Bush-1 (B); Smolleck-4, Brack-6, Lemmon-0, Fazekas-3, Fridley-1, Piper-3 (HS) Winning pitcher: Ethan Frye Losing pitcher: Hayden Smolleck

St. Anthony 100 010 0 — 3 6 0Nakles 600 001 0 — 7 5 2 Doubles: Calabrace (N) Strikeouts by: Bryer-9, Tortorella-2, Davis-1 (N); Rosborough-0, Derk-0, Krehlik-7 (SA) Base on balls by: Bryer-4, Tortorella-1, Davis-0 (N); Rosborough-3, Derk-3, Krehlik-2 (SA) Winning pitcher: Santino Bryer Losing pitcher: Jake Rosborough

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