To the Editor:

My name is Luke A. Latimer, and I am a second-generation Derry Township-based business owner and lifelong Derry Township resident. I am writing endorse candidate Kelly Tua Hammers.

Mrs. Hammers is running for Magisterial District Judge of District 10-3-08. Mrs. Hammers has an excellent resume and is the only candidate running that has extensive legal experience serving the Westmoreland County District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney (ADA) for the past 24 years. Through Mrs. Hammers' 24 years as an ADA, she has prosecuted countless cases at all levels of the Commonwealth’s Court System.

Mrs. Hammers has had the privilege of working with various agencies in performing her ADA duties over the past 24 years. In addition to local, county and state law enforcement agencies, Mrs. Hammers has worked with first responders, probation officers, treatment providers and school administrators while serving in the capacity as an ADA.

Mrs. Hammers’ education and receiving her Juris Doctorate from Dickinson School of Law enabled her to become an ADA, but it is the 24 years of experience she has examining evidence, determining applicable charges, developing a prosecution strategy and arguing her case in court that give her what no other candidate in the election for Magisterial District Judge for District 10-3-08 has — extensive court and legal experience.

As a business owner your need to enlist the services of your Magisterial District Judge could be around any corner and I would rather it be with someone that has the experience to perform their duties the first day on the job. Mrs. Hammers has been a lifelong resident of Derry Township. In addition to her public service as ADA she has extensive community service through participating in or supporting various Derry Area School District activities, fundraisers or community events. Mrs. Hammers is the only candidate that possess the education, experience, public service, community service and temperament to execute the duties of Magisterial District Judge. Mrs. Hammers' entire career has been dedicated to public service and she wants to use her experience to enter another form of public service for the residents of Derry Township. Vote Kelly Tua Hammers for Magisterial District Judge 10-3-08 on May 18, 2021.

Luke A. Latimer,

Derry Township

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