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I struggle every single day to understand why people support Trump. This person sitting in the Oval Office has no shame. He degrades people based on race, sex, national origin. He pokes fun at those who stutter, whether in speech or in step; he’s a bully, name-calling as if we are grade schoolers at recess. If you’re a woman outside of his circle, you’re no one, even if you’re president of a successful company, a senator, an award-winning author or a housewife. If you’re a journalist, you’re a harbinger of fake news and hoaxes… unless, of course you agree with him on something and then, you’re a “tremendous person, a great journalist, beautiful!” If you’re a member of his staff, you’re a “tremendous human being”, until you disagree with him or speak out against him; then he either really doesn’t know you, or you’re just a nasty person who loves the Democrats. He holds himself out as a Christian, but to those Christians out there who support him, do you also support bullying, ha… Read more

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After reading some of the “Letter to the Editor” insights, I am truly surprised at the number of people who are so misinformed about the most important current events of our time — that I now believe they must live under a rock at the bottom of the ocean. I am equally surprised and alarmed that the same people who have drafted these insights may actually be allowed to vote for our leaders and thus, the future of our country. Read more

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