I can almost bet that way more people will be taking to the air and highways to join up with relatives to feast on the two and four-legged critters in way of turkeys, hams or pheasants. Since our country is so chicken-oriented, I wouldn’t put it past some people to fry up some chickens and smother them with french fries, a standard American meal.

And where would citizens be if they didn’t have numerous slices of pumpkin pie with enormous dosages of whipped cream on top? Speak of turkey and pumpkin pie and the holiday, ‘Thanksgiving,’ definitely comes to mind.

What additionally springs forth is how grateful I am for those who have blessed me throughout this last year.

For example, monthly, as the tradition implies, the Latrobe Art Center (LAC) sells many of my books, cards and photographs. At the beginning of the following month a check will appear in the mail in the number of various amounts, according to what I sold the previous four weeks. Just the other day I invited a friend over to my house for lunch. The food was be purchased at a neighborhood Chinese restaurant. The cost of the meal came to $24.75. Upon returning home a check was waiting for me from my sales from LAC. I was overwhelmed. The amounted of sales added up $24.75. Talk about a blessing I never saw coming. I mean, what were the chances?

Blessings highlighted in the month of November, in my opinion, center around people, “the coming together of relatives from near and far for the sole purpose of sharing a loving bond if for only for a weekend to a week, no more, no less.”

In talking about these blessings, this so-called “holiday” is jam-packed when we realize that even the smallest things in life can be full of goodness when we least expect them.

My son, Aaron, called me from Denver recently to tell me he would be visiting me for a few days over Thanksgiving to share some togetherness. What a blessing. He willingly asked if it would be OK if we could visit over the holiday, as it is called. Time with my son is always a blessing and something to which I always look forward. My brother mentioned, too, he will make the trip from Connecticut. That’s a haul, but as anyone knows Bob, when he sets out to do something, he gets it done. So, I’ll be looking forward to his visit, as well.

I asked Aaron about my grandchild if he will be bringing him, too. He replied to the negative. “I’m going to have him boarded. We both decided he would be happier around other dogs” The trouble is when dogs and people are distanced so far apart, togetherness becomes blessings and holidays designed for gatherings become significant.

I’ll never forget the many Thanksgivings my mother prepared for guests yearly. She wasn’t just a good cook, but one who had mastered her skills of baking, making and proportioning just the right amount of food for each person who sat around a large, circular, antique table. There was one dish she prepared that I never could duplicate. It was her red cabbage. Upon scooping the meal up to our mouths and sucking the morsels into the chamber above and below our teeth, the taste buds did their thing, savoring the flavor of wonderfully cooked cuisine. That was a blessing I’ll never forgot. I can still see her slicing it from the round ball and putting her cuttings into a frying pan. I’m sure she cooked it with other ingredients, but to this day, I can’t remember them.

Some may state that the football games after the meals were the real blessings. I sure saw my fill. The trick was to catch up on one’s nap before the games began. Otherwise, one may find him or herself sleeping through all four quarters. What fun is that? Definitely, no blessings there!

But like everything else, blessings must come to an end, too. May your Thanksgiving this year be a blessed and healthy one.

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