New Kensington Post 92 Veterans Foreign to Joshua and Kathryn Micenko at Unknown Address for $3,000. Estate of Donald Briscoe to Jesse and Bridget Briscoe at 4159 Frederick Drive for $220,000. New Kensington Post 92 Veterans Foreign to H&M Property Holdings LLC at Route 356 for $6,000. Arthur Miller to Van Huy and Amanda Tran at 456 Willowbrook Road for $275,000.


Pasoni Solutions LLC to Long Spruce Development LLC at 1713 Fifth Ave. for $50,000. Bethany Underwood to Jayonte Jackson at 1802 Alcoa Drive for $60,000. Sarah Frizza to Julieta Bruni at 1727 Woodmont Ave. for $37,500.


Robert Specht to Jeffrey Cable Jr. and Christine Cable at 240 Lealand Drive for $30,000.


James Bechtold to BM Bolivar Properties LLC at 660 Washington St. for $30,000.


Scott Regula to Michael Springer trustee and Jeremy Springer at Unknown Address for $20,000.


Andrew Rodriguez to Tyler Simpson and Jamie Asha Kaufer at 341 Dogwood Drive for $345,885.


Steve Kowatch to Viking Acquisitions LLC at 218 Oak St. for $18,000.


Daniel Krinock to Felicia Armbrust at 302 11th St. for $160,000. Donald Shearer to Jessica Lynn Falcone at 611 26th St. for $84,694. Clair Fink to David Miller at Carrie St. for $35,000. Estate of John Haas to Central Penn Capital Management LLC at 141 E Loyalhanna Ave. for $63,181 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $146,801) by sheriff’s deed. Walter Rebovich to Timothy James and Jacqueline Callahan at 1000 Marjorie Ann Drive for $305,000. Charles Leonard to David and Raechel Gill at 527 Pandora Road for $272,500. Taylor Campbell to Brandon Fick at 612 S Summit St. for $161,500. Paige Link to James and Lindsey Krueger at 5190 SR 982 for $125,000.


Donald Dobroski et al. to Christopher and Jennifer Schurman at 661 Camp Run Road for $1,100,000.


Beverly Jane Frey to William and Kimberly Frey at 312 Evergreen Drive for $170,000. Robert Schwartz to Mary Louise Greeley at 1422 Mildred St. for $167,000. Alberta Mates to Adam Beresford at 1598 Mt. Pleasant Connellsville Road for $110,000. Lost Warrior Bison Ranch Ltd. to William Tedesco II and Marissa Tedesco at W Overton Road for $195,710.


Richard McCoy to MAC Real Estate LLC at 5816 Roosevelt Ave. for $58,850.


Estate of William Murrman to Kyle Martin at 6 Holyoke Drive for $95,000. John Paul Niggle to Nicholas Gordon Dileo at 65 Madison Ave. for $110,000. Triple B Properties LLC to Marjorie Moore Sander at 630 Spruce St. for $124,900.


Diane McBroom et al. to Walter and Donna Hempel at 4027 Second St. for $131,250. Mary Elizabeth Guy to Thomas Angotti at 129 Bristol Ln for $135,000. Richard Alan Morraye to Ryan and Jaclyn Graft at 906 Gateway Cir for $720,000. Dennis Ferretti to Dennis and Frances Ferretti at 1226-1238 Georges Station Road for $7,299. John Komarinski to Sydney Campbell at 877 Georges Station Road for $155,000. Estate of Lillian Uhrinek to Dale Howard Goldberg at 2117 Keystone Ave. for $64,500. Matthew Berkebile to Matthew and Courtney Elzer at 1005 Lavender St. for $387,000. Vivian Chinnici to Russell and Collette Stockdale at 9 N Rolling Hills Ave. for $162,000. John Patrick Walker to Stacey Kozak at 3234 Route 136 for $39,000. Michael O’Brien to Daniel Gunther and Mary Elizabeth Pasipanki at 6659 SR 30 for $182,500. Steven Lammert to Christopher Nichols at 320 Satinwood Ln for $315,000. Alan Sichler to Stephen and Brittany Kelemen at 1365 Swede Hill Road for $159,900. Ryan Graft to John and Rosemary Ciaramella at 10 Windihill Drive for $255,000.


Justin Tamburro to Alesha Baker at 102 Railroad St. for $85,000.


Frank Trigona to Kenneth Lowry at Ellsworth Ave. for $1,114. Charles Stull to Dylan Trout at 402 Margaret St. for $90,000. Glenn Droutz to SFR3-020 LLC at 334 N First St. for $40,000.


Frank Klim to Joshua and Janice Lisbon at 107 E Madison St. for $115,500. H. Allen Dailey trustee to Donna Dailey at 28 Hillview Ave. for $40,000. Appolus Jones to Martin and Diana Korzak at 729 Lehmer St. for $140,000. BZ Real Estate LLC to Matthew and Danae McShane at 601 Main St. for $140,000. Stanley Kurek to Steel City Services Inc. at 2144 Raymond Ave. Unit 5 for $200,000. Flora Palasta to Alycia Kirkling at 316 Toner St. for $176,900.


Thomas Donovan to Mark and Barbara Hollick at Ligonier Reservoir Ln for $5,500.


JC Horrell Builder Inc. to Raymond Soto at 235 Bunger St. for $298,000. Nina Artuso to Timothy and Beth Scanlon at 410 E Church St. for $366,000. Bethlen Home Hungarian Reformed Federati to 205 N Fairfield St. LLC at 205 N Fairfield St. for $70,000.


Kimberly Haggerty to David McKain and Carole Heckman at 211 Oakview Drive for $115,000.


H&M Property Holdings LLC to Ryan Thomas and Emma Lancaster at 2721 Seventh St. for $90,900. Mark Doutt to Dane and Kaitlyn Selfridge at 2619 Anne Way for $223,000. Mathias Slahtovsky to Van Den Heuvel Farms LLC at 2988 Gem Ln for $20,000. David Alerich et al. to Thomas Gray at 200 Morgan St. for $75,000. Dennis Towe to Andrew Spang at 4020 Wilks Drive for $108,000.


Thomas Brenkus to Corey Albeck and Noell Rose Brown at 135 Frederick Drive for $189,900. Michael DiCriscio Jr. to Linda Bradford at 138 Manor View Drive for $165,600. Joseph Blair to Tyler Crawford at 218 Sandy Hill Road for $215,000.


Justin Schake to Koty Davis at 1118 Alexander Ave. for $91,155. Frank Rapsky to Jason Muirhead and Shelley Dewitt at 24 High St. for $145,300. Estate of Michael Gallas to David Janco at 733 Thompson Ave. for $90,000.


Brittany Stull to Allegro Real Estate Services LLC at 222 W Smithfield St. for $39,500.


Estate of Herbert Koehler Jr. to Shawn Robert and Megan Kathryn Perich at 219 S Hazelnut Drive for $262,000. Donald Hugh O’Brien to Henry and Colleen Mangold at 113 Shady St. for $215,000. Randall Ramsey to David Miller Jr. at 523 Shannon Drive for $330,900.


Jerry Quattlebaum to Nationstar Mortgage LLC at 26 Bel Aire Drive for $1,644 by sheriff’s deed. Nancy Lee McAdoo to Kay Meli at 3500 McArthur Drive for $250,000. Fox Jr. Development Inc. to Pinnacle Consulting Inc. at 4673 Mill Stream Ct for $225,000. Robert Matey to Jeanne McNeil at 268 Rainprint Ln for $188,000. Luigi Fusco to Joseph Robert and Meagan Carole Hlavsa at 4015 S School Road for $280,000.


P. David Newhouse to John and Tobi Blais at Main St. for $29,000.


Penninvest Group LLC to US Property Partners LLC at 248 Fifth Ave. for $15,001. David Law to Kayla Yutzy at 707 Beech Ave. for $180,000. Slovak Evangelical Lutheran Church to Jerome and Melanie Panzigrau at 149 Glenview Road for $120,000. William Celender to Samantha Kernan at 931 Maiden Ln for $70,000. Gary Dziadosz to Heller Brother Investments LLC at 731 Park Ave. for $39,000.


Estate of Beverlee Mae Rice to David John Mihalko Jr. and Emily Elizabeth Harstek at 113 Woodmere Drive for $146,600.


Dominic DiDonne III to Allen Russell Jones at 1665 Friar Tuck Drive for $184,000. Jacob Cunningham to Scott Thompson and Kaitlin Clare Washko at 1161 Richard Road for $240,000. Gary Santimyer to Gary Santimyer and Danielle Harshell at 169 Rustic Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $116,663). Adam Graham to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. at 12857 Thoroughbred Drive for $360,000. Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to James and Ivy Ganster at 12857 Thoroughbred Drive for $360,000.


Blackthorn Investors LLC to NVR Inc. at 2000 Ashley Ct for $81,000. George Oravec to William Zopf III and Amber Urick at 102 Camelot Ln for $500,000. Anna Marie Covin to Bruce and Mary Michalowski at 204 Caroline St. for $140,000. NVR Inc. to Michael and Rosemary Hooper at 1063 Moria Ct for $267,905. NVR Inc. to Susan Munson at 1065 Moria Ct for $274,095. Rivendell Development L.P. to NVR at 1066 Moria Ct for $92,000. Dennis Neafsy to Katie Neafsy at 130 Old Gate Road for $261,250. NVR Inc. to Ernest and Jennifer Macioce at 1017 Rohan Ct for $313,015. Kevin Maromonte to Ian Eichinger at 729 SR 130 for $95,000. Joseph Ferrari to Gregory and Kendal Rudolph at 1018 Valley Club Drive for $175,000. Jacqueline Krimsky to Michael Lee and Patricia Lindauer Wolinsky at 1002 Wedgewood Drive for $395,885.


Maronda Homes Inc. to Joel Mychal and Ashley Brooke Wallace at 121 Azalea Cir for $314,630. Maronda Homes Inc. to William Aaron and Elisabeth Leigh Brown at 124 Azalea Cir for $321,740. Joseph Kolano to Carolyn Gallick at 680 Circle Drive for $180,000. Maronda Homes LLC to Shashi Timsina at 568 Gardenia Drive for $367,544. Itama Development Assoc. L.P. to Stargazer Land Conservancy LLC at 103 Main St. for $450,000. Bradley Fine to Brendan Delbianco at 628 Martin Road for $159,900. Henry Mangold to Todd Hitcho and Shonna Charlene Colbert at 350 Robertson Drive for $325,000.


Paul Bush to Anne Mendelson at 20 Fairway Drive for $176,000. Dianne Palfey to Christopher and Cara Iapalucci at 175-177 Roosevelt Way for $56,000.


James Dzadovsky et al. to Nancy Volk at 619 Eleanor Ave. for $179,000. Terri Frazier to Brendan Joseph Heisterman and Cassidy Nicole Harr at 506 Porter Ave. for $130,000.


Nicholas Kline to Cory Leo Clemens at 207 Bryant St. for $177,000. Georgia Ann Yezerski to LaGorga Holdings LLC at 414-416 Church St. for $57,500. Debra Vanyo to Austin Boney at 2331 Mars Hill Road for $148,500. Mark Luft to Chad Richard Gasparro at 110 Yew Ln for $148,500.


James Ristway to SegaVepo LLC at 100 Alderwood Drive for $180,000. Louis Corsi to Mary Saylor Mumau at 1205-1207 Ashland St. for $79,000. Estate of Donna Myers to Danielle Malinowski at 2448 Keystone Ave. for $99,000.


Jackie Ansell to Dean Madar at 634 SR 981 for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $7,850). Lisa Schneider Daugherty to Donald Cochenour at 150 Supervisor Drive for $130,000.


Nicholas Long Jr. to Joenal and Jaclyn Castma at 511 Sidney St. for $93,500.


Norman Guy to 228 1st St. LLC at 228 First St. for $134,500. Phillip Vaglia to Eugene Geno McCourt at 325 Third St. for $26,000. Royal Penn Realty Group LLC to Primo Rentals LLC at 313 Adrian Ave. for $81,500. Nicholas Savinda to Robert Vasko at 243 E Fairmont Ave. for $69,000. Maronda Homes LLC to Umesh Chander Rao Chakunta and Shalini Chiravuri at 217 Ridgecrest Ct for $504,746.


Haubert Homes Inc. to Pamela Roesch at 225 Ali Drive for $29,900. Knights Landing Inc. to Cory and Danielle Gray at 729 Cat Curve for $110,000. Estate of Joseph Dingel to Wells Fargo at 1263 Donohoe Road for $1,635 by sheriff’s deed. Bonita Shawley to Anthony and Lisa Marie Lamosek at 179 End Of Road Farm Ln for $3,000. Benjamin Andrew Capets to Patrick and Deborah May at 1276 Monastery Drive for $155,000. Scott Critchfield to Scott Critchfield at 1249 Myers Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $217,417). PTV 1095 LLC to Exchangeright Net Leased Portfolio 45 DS at 4443-4449 Route 30 for $1,814,193. Terry Foriska to Greg Allen Andrews et al. and Ashlee Andrews at 419 Summer Winds Ln for $646,000.


Letitia Valletta to Blase Valletta at 114 Franklin Ave. for $34,000. Nicole Marsili to Trista Dunkle at 1020 Wallace St. for $80,000.


James Allera to Rebecca Anderson at 1048 King Arthur Drive for $165,000. Catherine Behrenberg to John and Alisha Navarette at 6224 Terry Ln for $290,000.


Joyce Brown to James Randolph at 120 Summit St. for $5,000. Gary Everhart to Barr Property Development Inc. at 802 Vine St. for $52,000. ———

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