Allegheny Phoenix Co. LLC to Landcraft LLC at 611 Cedar Ridge Drive for $115,000. Suncrest Homes Inc. to James and Barbara Hasbargen at 440 Chestnut Ln for $213,900. James Hasbargen to James Johnson II at 440 Chestnut Ln for $250,000. Joshua Shields to Aaron Chase Rodgers at 6110 Shearsburg Road for $154,000.


Marcio Pincaro to Andre Sanford at 1411 Third Ave. for $5,000. Joseph Gentile to Jennifer Toney at 411 Fifth Ave. for $25,000. Deutsche Bank National Co. to Heller Brothers Investments LLC at 340 Iroquois Drive for $28,500. Karen Corey to SRP 2013-1 LLC at 1645 Riverside Drive for $9,035 by sheriff’s deed. Gerald Ricci trustee to Us Property Partners LLC at 1610 Victoria Ave. for $39,900. Us Property Partners LLC to SFR3-020 LLC at 1610 Victoria Ave. for $54,500.


PLTM Inc. to Tintown Investment Group LLC at Unknown Address for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $150,616). Donald Trent McCool to Robert Schimizzi at 2043 First St. for $72,000. Step Inc. to Tintown Investment Group LLC at 1250 Learn Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $190,292). Estate of Phyllis Orr to Jeffrey Balles at 4926 Route 819 for $55,000.


Jude Abraham to Premiere Property Solutions LLC at 1144 Bethel Church Road for $35,000. John Lawton to Ralph and Peggy Affinito at 168 Lundquist Road for $510,000. Joseph Schober trustee to Charles Sigwalt Jr. and Heather Sigwalt at 4122 State Route 130 for $175,000.


Estate of LaNesta Hardesty to Robert Cole II and Kerri Rae Cole at 113 E Pittsburgh St. for $81,250.


DSW Homes LLC to Samantha Lipp at 405 Charles St. for $140,000.


Estate of Darlene McElhaney to Gary and Joyce Beasom at 1216 Fairmont St. for $309,000. John Mucci to Kathy Sauers at 1023 Lehmer St. for $200,000. John Clark et al. to Grandview Village LLC at 200 Malone Road for $35,000. Mark Devitt Jr. to Christopher Hale at 726 Markosky Ln for $26,000. Estate of William Livingston to Joseph Robert Clark at 282 Pizza Barn Road for $159,900. Deborah Hudak to Frank Diana at 224 Ravine Park Road for $3,000. Sangill Properties LLC to Christopher Stelly at 931-937 W Fourth Ave. for $275,000.


Stephen Kravits to Equity Trust Co. Custodian FBO Michael Le at 645 Ranger Road for $70,000. William Steele II to Mary Ann Grant at 341 Rock Fern Drive for $15,000. Ronald Jacobs trustee to Joseph Ronald and Christine Palastro at 425 Wood Fern Drive for $520,000.


Estate of Ralph Slate to Tyler Gasper at 111 Slate Cir for $40,200. Estate of Ursula Stillman to David and Janet Stillman at Stillman Ln for $27,000.


Helen Blystone to Melinda Sue Long at 724 McKinley Ave. for $48,000.


Mark Ramey to Farbarik Enterprises LLC at 5891 Filmore Ave. for $141,600. Mark Ashby to Joseph Ferri at 2775 Italy Road for $74,500.


David Shaler to Robert and Andrea Taggart at Alice Drive for $19,900. Brad Forsyth to Barbara Blue at 631-633 Cherry St. for $122,500. Michele Pellis to Wendy Dawn Bivens at 412 Sheffield Drive for $190,000.


Timothy DuPont to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC at 523 Abington Drive for $279,248. Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Krystel Yanoff at 523 Abington Drive for $275,000. Christopher Hayslip to Logan and Lauren Uptegrove at 600 Buckingham Drive for $260,000. Patrick Yusko to Amy Elling and Stephen Reed at 113 Collier St. for $134,500. Evelyn Stape to Allegheny Clinic at 9037 E Lincoln Way for $25,000. Patricia Loucks to GDIB LLC at 143 Echo Valley Road for $70,000. Gino Rizzi to Joel Kirk and Katherine Tucker Kim at 518 Kristi Drive for $300,000. Ashley Dunaway to Shaun Rinier at 834 Mt. Pleasant Road for $118,000. Estate of Dennis Blystone to Sunshyne Pros LLC at 157 Pear Ln for $27,000. Estate of Amelia Wilson to Kirsten Barger at 24 S Rolling Hills Ave. for $185,000. Estate of Maryann McCoy to Jeffrey and Melissa Miller at 108 Stonybrook Drive for $288,900. Gavin Sikorski to Ryan Moose and Corrin Regginello at 1432 Swede Hill Road for $213,000. James Gregg to Jordan and Sophia Grados at 138 Tartan Drive for $344,000. Morgan Withrow to Charles and Georgine Hallam at 1122 W Scepter Ln for $255,000.


James Lohr to Robert John Humbert Jr. and Laura Marie Humbert at 1122 Ellsworth Ave. for $145,000. Ronald Metz to Louis Strong and Nika Little at 801 Evans St. for $83,500. Kenneth Eash to Richard and Lesley Dreistadt at 1030 Frank Ave. for $165,000. Donald Dimartino to US Property Partn. LLC at 343 N First St. for $20,000. Brad Thomas to James Lohr at 1007 Wylie Ave. for $169,900.


Ryan Clark to Tyler Secosky and Isabelle Fields at 1710 Dailey Ave. for $144,500. John Stynchula to Mitchell Krinock and Shannon Kahl at 205 E Second Ave. for $125,000. Estate of Nellie Velkey to Kathleen Donahey at 316 Garfield Road for $62,000. Duke Rebuilding LLC to Lorraine McMuldren at 1609 Ligonier St. for $162,000. Stephanie Johnston to William Withrow and Lorry Ann Hunter at 121 Meade Drive for $112,000. John Lopatich et al. to CRB Holdings LLC at 607 Weldon St. for $407,314.


Gary Brown trustee to Anita Faas at 12 Locust Road for $225,000.


Allan MacDougall III to Milford Bay Holdings LLC at 218 E Loyalhanna St. for $163,500. M. Corinne Myers to Beth Ann Miller at 428 N Walnut St. for $20,000. Laura LB Pratt to Kathleen Hynes at 305 Village Ct for $275,000.


Brian Miller to Copperfall Properties Inc. at Laurel Summit Road for $55,000. Estate of Nancy Critchfield to Milford Bay Holdings LLC at 1710 Old Linn Run Road for $130,000. Patricia Gordon to Gregory and Patricia Smith at 1659 Route 30 for $139,000.


Jack Murray Jr. to John and Laina Jones at 2656 Seventh St. Road for $62,500. Peter Darrell Novotny to Steven and Jennifer Yarussi at 117 Illinois Drive for $250,000. Kenneth Ladish trustee to Rhonda Link at 2750 Iowa Drive for $120,000. Estate of Donald Briscoe to Elicia Smalling at Leechburg Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $8,546). HSB Real Estate LLC to KM Pittsburgh Metro LLC at 2781 Leechburg Road for $179,000.


Gary Ryder to Dana Rumbaugh at 308 Clubhouse Drive for $205,000. Estate of Theodora Zimmerman to Dominic Damico at 382 Steele Road for $60,000.


Westmoreland Co. Land Bank to Charles Charrie at 1297 First St. for $10,000. Diane Blevins to Matthew Senkow at 208 Oak St. for $183,500. Davi Schropp to David and Angela Blawas at 115 Orchard Drive for $19,000.


Bryan Latkanich to Matthew Graw and Charlene Redmond at 422 Second St. for $1,500. Marian Kay Bergmark trustee to Walter Diethorn Jr. at 214 Fourth St. for $2,000. Michael Singel to Kenneth and Lori McClain at 9 Aliquippa Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $49,099). Howard Paige to Estey Gaines at 937 Graham Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $26,476). Estate of Earl Redmond to Aimee Schmidt at 415 Indiana Ave. for $74,900. Devin Gary Whitlock to John and Patricia Anne Soforic at 440 Reed Ave. for $36,000.


Layel El-Atrache to Diana Miller at 510 Jefferson Drive for $202,000. John Ross Jr. to Carl Stewart Jr. and Sharon Stewart at 207 N Church St. for $75,000.


Julie Hoak to Jason and Jeremy Klejka at 5144 Back Road for $67,842. William Splendore to William Oldham at 503 Equestrian Way for $325,000. Linda Ripper to Jeremy Brunst and Shannon Sarver at 854 Hecla Road for $195,000. Gabrial Naggy III to Richard Morrison at 256 Kecksburg Sportsman Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $82,785). Kenneth Trice to Dustin Scott and Kimberly Ann Kelly at Mellingertown Road for $8,000. Estate of Shirley May Leeper to Robert Leeper at 2977 Route 31 for $10,000. Estate of Shirley Leeper to Robert Leeper at 2979-2983 Route 31 for $60,000.


John Cortese to Anthony Matthew Honko at 3503 Calton Drive for $366,000. Nancy Ko to Adeniran and Funmilayo Haastrup at 5325 Clearfield Ln for $635,000. Rose Marie Dorcak to Benjamin and Katharine Carter at 3415 Hills Church Road for $325,000. HTE Housing LLC to Collin Meenihan and Jessica Regula at 4815 Hobaugh Ave. for $220,000. Stacy Lloyd to John and Robert Schreck at 3474 Ivy Drive for $100,300. Estate of Rita Faulk to Raymond and Lisa Campbell at 6424 Old William Penn Highway for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $84,693). David Rockman to Matthew Jay and Rebecca Jean Maners at 310 Rainprint Ln for $174,900. Phoenix North Associates to 1776 Property Management LLC at 4000 Triangle Ln for $1,250,000. Cory Gardone to James Henderson Jr. at 10 W White Oak Drive for $147,000.


Estate of Mildred Switzer to Commonwealth Investments LLC at 605 Fifth St. for $150,000. David Smith to SFR3 020 LLC at 1810 Arnold St. for $43,000. Robert Scherer to Aaron Linn and Samantha Walters at 261 Deerpath Drive for $260,200. Norma Johnson to Reggie Barnett at 452 Greenridge Drive for $120,000. Eric Smith to Joshua Miller at 1620 Hazlett Ave. for $61,000. Sidney Carkin to Jeff Thompson at 639 Kimball Ave. for $83,000. Gary Barbiaux to Ivan Forges at 336 Pershing Drive for $119,000. Felix Zaffina to Clean Express PA New Kensington LLC at 97 Tarentum Bridge Road for $471,300. Craig Campbell to Shawn Young at 1307 Taylor Ave. for $59,900. Rosemary Barr to Gregory Shawn Walker at 174 Woodstone Ln for $125,000.


Mountaineer Timber Co. to Tracy Jo Thorne at 305 Fayette St. for $110,000. Thomas Sassak to Terra Land Services LLC at 322 Henry St. for $56,000.


John Hynes to Brian and Laura Znavor at 850 First St. for $420,000. Paul Balogh to Abagail Carly at 551 Clay Pike for $265,000. Gerard Stiefvater to John Osheka and Vicki Orsini at 1267 Fall Ln for $268,100. Brian Znavor to Ronald and Natalie Minnich at 8080 Gina Drive for $406,000. Painter Property Development LLC to Kaitlen and Brett Morgan at 12419 Herold Drive for $229,900. Joseph Sammons to Geoffrey and Sherlynn Rusnak at 455 Huntingdon Ave. for $277,000. F & H Property Development LLC to Maronda Homes LLC at 7888 Isabella Drive for $75,000. Jeffrey William Ruzicka to David Andrascik at 14420 Jonathan Drive for $140,000. Central Penn Capital Management LLC to SegaVepo LLC at 1211 Main St. for $170,000. David Kelly to Michael and Samantha Telling at 490 Niagara Drive for $175,000. Kory Caldarelli to Brandon Fagan at 10865 Old Trail Road for $176,000. Marcia Tomko to Jonathan Mulgrave and Kathleen Hopper at 14455 Overholt Drive for $208,000. Estate of Donald Ditter to RP2ALL LLC at 13280 St. Clair Drive for $178,000. Richard Matelan to Matthew and Ashley Macurak at 253 Whitney Chase Ln for $260,500.


Robert Karl to David Andrascik at 35 Second St. for $34,000. Timothy Martin to Pittsburgh Cash Home Buyers LLC at 52 Broadway Ave. for $16,875.


Bedrock Developers LLC to John and Jacqueline Cortese at 1053 Blackthorne Drive for $441,273. Sandy Hill Meadows Builders LLC to Stephen and Cathy Ruzicka at 190 Ciocco Ct for $289,900. Shirley Lisenbigler to Brian and Jacqueline Mears at 2111 Claridge Elliott Road for $4,454 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $33,191) by sheriff’s deed. Anthony Tantalo to James Michael and Melissa Jean Hans at 1005 Franklin St. for $106,400. NVR Inc. to Samuel White at 1046 Gombach Road for $330,375. Daniel Brennan to Sandra Lynn Fontana at 3030 Ironwood Cir for $270,000. Rivendell Development L.P. to NVR Inc. at 1062-1064 Moria Ct for $92,000. Daniel Rittmeyer to Jill Brallier at 143 Penn Woods Drive for $237,000. Joseph Pandolph to Evan Maurizi at 145 Penn Woods Drive for $222,000. Ralph Delaplane to Melissa Shaffer at 1717 Ridge Road for $257,500. Luanne Caskey to Ryan and April McCloy at 1012 Rooster Ct for $560,000. Darrell Fatalsky to Wesley Aaron Lozovoy and Jaimee Gathers at 742 State Route 130 for $230,000.


Maronda Homes LLC to Diego Gustavo Peres Geraldo and Marilia Machado Ribeiro at 116 Azalea Cir for $309,840. Entech LLC to Maronda Homes LLC at 413 Gardenia Drive for $57,700. Maronda Homes Inc. to Bishal Chudal at 539 Gardenia Drive for $287,828. Terry Lindey Falco to Gerard and Linda Stiefvater at 2098 Lake View Drive for $243,500. Patricia Izzo to Bryson Douglas Engel and Taylor Rose Mucho at 507 Manor Gate Ln for $185,000. Carlo Borriello to Ryan and Alicia Yurkovich at 1631-1635 Rostraver Road for $70,000. Frank Beichner to Kathryn Felice Board and Rona Marie Varuola at 1029 Willowbrook Road for $289,900.


Andrew Horn to Jesse and Lori Wampler at 60 Fairway Drive for $174,900. Harry Stine to Robert and Raelene Writt at 2276 Route 819 for $120,000.


William Eicher Jr. to Anthony Charles Dalicandro at 601 Market St. for $90,000.


Janice Yackovich to Jonathan and Catherine Humphreys at 311 Chestnut St. for $205,000. John B Fedorko Trust to Stephen and Roxanne Harris at 51-53 Clopper St. for $53,000. Donald Pilarski Jr. to Kenneth Filotei at 139 Peacan St. for $370,000.


David Todaro to Daniel and Erin Colcombe at 609 Coulter Ave. for $185,000. Kevin Silvio to Stephanie Hensel at 121 Mizpark Drive for $185,000.


Cinagro Inc. to Red Key Holdings LLC at Reduction Road for $15,000.


Terry Rolla to Daniel and Hannah Shepherd at 314 Stanton St. for $176,600.


Randy Helsel to Jason Douglas and Kathleen Butina Carney at 106 Pine St. for $46,000.


Leo Joyce trustee to Ryan Prosowski at 222 Adrian Ave. for $200,000. Estate of Mary Lou Kalanja to ForLove Construction Inc. at 247 E Fairmont Ave. for $60,000. Kayla Nale to Carol Zbur at 245 Timber Drive for $140,000.


RDCSL L.P. to JATC Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 354 at 5095 Center Drive for $450,000. Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to Barron & Hutchinson Development LLC at 207 Kemerer Road for $62,500 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $136,424). Aaron Schatz to Patrick McCallen at 219 Kingston St. for $274,000. LuxCesare Investments LLC to Richard and Mary Jo Greece at 303 Sydney Ln for $58,500. Westmoreland Woodlands Inc. to Chad and Jelana Stoneking at Timberland Drive for $43,000. Estate of Patricia Jupena to Terrence Barnot at 32 Unity Sq for $160,000. Shirley Petrosky to Dale Anderson Jr. at 1547 Vernon Ln for $50,000. Jean Strojny to Jamie Nickl and Eric Carroll at 146 Winslow Ct for $368,000.


Joseph Blumer to Karl Narad Jr. at 307 Elm St. for $75,000. Gregory Mihalko to Cory Reilly at 404-406 Linden St. for $116,000. Estate of Lillian Sciullo to John and Shelley Cages at 500 Lowell St. for $19,500.


Mardell Walker to Brian and Jennifer Chelko at 765 Kiski Park Drive for $175,000. Delwood Homes Inc. to James Markel and Jodi Miceli at 526 Landing Ct for $319,900. Estate of Jerry Yates Jr. to Joshua Dallo at 234 Mamont Drive for $166,000.


Jeffrey Faulisi Jr. to Bryan and Alicia Walker at 240 Vernon Drive for $149,900. Terrence Barnot to Daniel Palm and Allison Ramsey at 303 Vernon Drive for $179,900.


Dennis Deverse to Izzulap LLC at 100 Demattio Ln for $48,000. Sharon Kay Simpson to 32 Third Inc. at 32 S Third St. for $32,000. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Westmoreland County Land Bank at 231 S Sixth St. for $35,000.

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