Real Estate Transfers
Robert Writt to Anthony and Nicole Capone at 194 Henderson St. for $275,000. Estate of Henry Orkwis to Thomas and Kelli Jo Wilson at 214 Oxford Drive for $10,000. Christina Zimmerman to Matthew and Sarah McDermott at 6350 Shearsburg Road for $320,000. Brian Manuel to Kenneth and Lisa Smith at 719 Sunrise Drive for $275,000. Justin Swartzlander to Kimberly Andree at 182 Terrace Ave. for $185,000. ARNOLD
Juliann Cook to Dylan and Brooke Sciotti at 315 16th St. for $10,000. Michael Trusky to Jazzy Rentals LLC at 1735 Third Ave. for $50,000. Michael Maximillian Trusky to Jazzy Rentals LLC at 1525-1527 Fourth Ave. for $50,000. Paul Wrona to Kylee Nold and Sally Bartoe at 1709 Kenneth Ave. for $65,000. Francis Weissert Jr. to Thomas and Kathrine Cooper at 1915 Kimball Ave. for $39,900. Vonzell Wade to Amanda and Jessica Helman at 1940 Leishman Ave. for $50,500. Brandon Gabriel to Bank New York Mellon at 2007 Leishman Ave. for $1,370 by sheriff’s deed. AVONMORE
Misty Rocco to Ashley Aikins at 538 Railroad Ave. for $25,000. BELL TOWNSHIP
Valerie Gasperini to Marc Deal and Jaclyn Ogden at Apache Lane for $25,000. BOLIVAR
Jonathan Hollick to Arthur and Carol Sisitki at 674 Washington St. for $2,827 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $47,192) by sheriff’s deed. COOK TOWNSHIP
Dennis Telford to Donald and Deborah Shaffer at Hilltop Lane for $5,000. Jacqueline Roccasecca to Peter Mock at Mansville Road for $3,500. DELMONT
Connor Cooper to Josi Marie Huffman at 119 Abbe Place for $214,900. Michael Weir to Daniel Jason Little at 211 Valley Stream Drive for $145,475. DERRY BOROUGH
Dwayne Ross to KC Portfolios LLC at 721 Railroad St. for $80,655. DERRY TOWNSHIP
Hollow Tree Woods Partn. L.P. to Robert and Debra Dempsey at Millwood Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $61,812). Doris Beatrice to Kristine Lenz at 206 Pine St. for $136,000. Raymond Berkey to Matthew Guy at 1355 SR 217 for $117,000. James Thomas Jr. to Vincent Thomas and Nancy Ann Vanbalen at Sunview Circle for $225,900. EAST HUNTINGDON TOWNSHIP
Brian Reed to Stanley and Cynthia Galorenzo at 1011 Church St. for $172,000. EAST VANDERGRIFT
Janet Faye Moyle to Orr Real Estate Holdings LLC at 265 Kennedy Ave. for $20,000. Jerome Plazio to First Commonwealth Bank at 512 McKinley Ave. for $1,821 by sheriff’s deed. EXPORT
Judi Feinberg to Philip Perez and Lauren Bosley at 2812 Buchanan St. for $136,000. John Thomas McGowan to Ian McClelland at 2829 Italy Road for $79,900. Estate of Stanley Mahinske Jr. to Robert and Joy Siegman at 6022 Kennedy Ave. for $95,000. Eileen Kerr to John Visnic and Danielle Powell at 5816-5818 Madison Ave. for $56,000. FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP
Brett Allan Kerr to Matthew and Kyra Kimmick at 173 Creek Road for $114,000.

GREENSBURG Estate of Martha Nash to Vision Real Estate Holdings LLC at 505 Arch St. for $49,500. Raymond Hollas Jr. to Robert and Staci Shook at 69 Brattleboro Drive for $220,000. Joshua Flock to John McClelland at 219 N. Hamilton Ave. for $132,000. Roger Murphy to Robert and Anna Jo Noviello at 310 S. Urania Ave. for $12,500. Robert Franzino to Stephanie Lynn Johnston at 137 Treager Way for $235,000. Santo Bell to Jackie Myers at 223 Underwood Ave. for $282,000. Robert Noviello to Roger and Maureen Murphy at Urania Ave. for $12,500. Carol Adamson Cammuso to David and Breanne Fedor at 150 Westmoreland Ave. for $239,000. Carol Parker Merrell to Kenneth and Cassandra Miller at 39 William Ave. for $8,500. Marian Johnson to Andrew Petroy at 410 Wood St. for $83,000. HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP

Michael Plumb Jr. to Hannah Hauliska at 100 Cort St. for $55,000. Daniel Lau to Jason Lapay and Jennifer Lynn Ricciardelli at 8012 Elkart St. for $24,000. Ronald Whigham to Brad and Alissa Zorn at 347 Elm Drive for $310,000. Estate of Florence Keffer to US Bank NA at 2609 Fitzpatrick St. for $3,122 by sheriff’s deed. Agnes Longenecker to Dominic and Carol Palmieri at 1603 Hunt Club Drive for $251,000. Candace Cassidy to Daniel and Patrice Paulone at 73 75 Lakeridge Drive for $297,000. US Bank NA to Jayne Jackson at 121 McKenna Lane for $35,000. Jacob Sasso to Samuel and Courtney Kistler at 210 North Drive for $265,000. Therese Smith to Steven Hargenrader and Brooke Desmond at 8250 Route 819 for $170,000. Gregory McLeod to Pennymac Loan Services LLC at 310 S. Lincoln Ave. for $1,841 by sheriff’s deed. S&K Group LLC to Samuel Aaron and Elizabeth Elaine Nicholson at 36 S. Lincoln Ave. for $12,000. S&K Group LLC to Jonathon William Gootz at 38 S. Lincoln Ave. for $22,000. Irma Stuchell to Nathan Wieckowski at 508 Salisbury Drive for $139,900. PA Housing Finance Agency to Louis and Dolores Sabers at 432 Thomas School Road for $10,000. Phillip Rossetti to LSF9 Master Participation Trust at 114 Tippecanoe Drive for $2,269 by sheriff’s deed. Paula Mireles to David Koget at 314 Wendel Road for $95,000. Anthony Bucci to Jacob Woods and Arthur McGuiggan at 914 Western Ave. for $59,900. HYDE PARK
Citizens Bank to Ryan Skomo and Virginia Frank at 525 Murphy St. for $45,000.

IRWIN Estate of Lawrence Helkowsi to Michael and Ashley Tomaino at 585 Carroll Drive for $224,000. Jared McAlister to William Charles and Ernida Idang Wood at 623 Vine St. for $74,900. JEANNETTE

Estate of Robert Weir to Daniel Slaughter at 400 Cedar St. for $87,000. WRK Real Estate Holdings LLC to Shade Tree Property Holdings LLC at 214 Clay Ave. for $92,000. Federal National Mortgage Assn. to 2019 Castle LLC at 11 E. Gaskill Ave. for $5,723. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Justin Matson at 315 Harrison Ave. for $10,000. Francis Wolski to Advantage Industrial Sales Inc. at 705 Lewis Ave. for $40,000. Dona Lu Zollinger to Joseph Schilling at 429 N. Fifth St. for $73,000. Westmoreland County Land Bank to Jayhawk Commons Limited Liability Co. at Pennsylvania Blvd. for $2,100,000. Joseph Lovrich to Joshua and Elizabeth Rettger at 1121 Thompson St. for $122,500. LATROBE
Veda Bowman to LSF11 Master Participation Trust at 204 Gertrude St. for $1,769 by sheriff’s deed. Daniel Quinn III to 37 Loyal Inc. at 237 Loyalhanna Ave. for $22,500. Mark Bolen to John Hoffman at 519 Miller St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $65,722). Pamela Smith to Robert Michael Mitrik III and Jessica Michelle Mitrik at 806 Walnut St. for $197,000. LIGONIER TOWNSHIP
Estate of Mary Fitchko to Bradley Carns at 478 Hotel Road for $20,000. Jane Burton to Roy Dorrance III and Susan Dorrance at 615 Hunt Stable Lane for $950,000. Clifford Lee Kerr to Thomas Paola at 113 Singer Way for $154,000. Roy Dorrance III to Jane Burton at 185 South Gate for $4,250,000. LOWER BURRELL
John Georgevich to Robin Schrecengost at 458 Dakota Drive for $170,000. Lynn Hare to Susan McIntosh at 51 David Drive for $167,000. Kenneth Feroce to Manuel Sanchez Jr. at 207 Florida Drive for $140,000. Estate of Eleanor Gemballa to Emma Gemballa and Diana Wood at 2983 Gem Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $18,865). Estate of Eleanor Gemballa to Emma Gemballa at 2988 Gem Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $59,032). Christopher Hale to Jamie Stiveson and Melissa Ireland at 124 Nebraska Drive for $144,000. Gary Pallone to David and Jamie Gruber at 405 Wedgewood Drive for $165,000. LOYALHANNA TOWNSHIP
Central Penn Capital Management LLC to Lisa Bruner at 734 Raccoon Road for $36,000. MADISON
Mark Kostella to Christopher Matthew Wilder at 515 Mill Road for $142,000. MONESSEN
Corey Kalbaugh to Jeffrey and Paige Maiolini at 808 Second St. for $55,000. Fidel Valdovinos to Janice Brubaker at 696 Hoover St. for $34,900. Deborah Gay Assad to William Brahler IV at 37 Jefferson Drive for $39,000. MT. PLEASANT BOROUGH
Paul Miller to Evergreen RE Development LLC at 109 N. Hitchman St. for $34,800. James Taylor to PA Housing Finance Agency at 808 Spring St. for $1,459 by sheriff’s deed. MT. PLEASANT TOWNSHIP
Vincent John Ostrosky to LSF10 Master Participation Trust at 188 Dutch Hill Road for $1,905 by sheriff’s deed. Mooriath Ramachandran to Eric and Andrea Poole at 324 E. Mulberry Drive for $324,900. Kelsey Simmons to Timothy Dillinger at 277 Larkspur Circle for $137,800. Melissa Crise Sparks to Anna Sowinski at 2978 SR 982 for $175,600. MURRYSVILLE
Victor Steigerwald to Justin and Shannon Lieb at 4305 Bulltown Road for $270,000. Sally Lee to G Michael and Cassandra Mahoney at 7015 Fair Oaks Court for $735,000. Joseph Repasky to Dominic Charles Giachetti Gibson at 2939 Fitzsimmons Lane for $290,000. Lori Yonker to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 4815 Hobaugh Ave. for $2,055 by sheriff’s deed. Gary Silvestri to Ian Cook and Rachael Austin at 5003 Holly Court for $280,000. Ryan Audia to Bryan and Kim Check at 6478 Lindsey Lane for $265,000. Betty Holderbaum to Praksti Construction LLC at 6189 Old William Penn Highway for $120,000. Michael Matthews to Megan Lee Enterprises Inc. at 5114 Scenic Road for $116,162. Chirstopher Grobmyer to Erin Barbutes at 2909 Seneca Court for $239,900. Kenneth Bogler to Muhammad and Hajar Hydari at 3113 Treeline Drive for $457,400. NEW KENSINGTON
Patrick Aresto to New Kensington Redevelopment Authority at 1303 3d Ave. for $23,500. Paul Rodriguez to Janelle Gilliam et al. and Ashley Houser at 213 Catalpa St. for $1,537 by sheriff’s deed. Leonardo Guzman to PA Housing Finance Agency at 203 Home St. for $1,772 by sheriff’s deed. Annie Hartman to Burgh Buyers Investments LLC at 33 Railroad St. for $2,000. NORTH BELLE VERNON
Charles Steiner to Matthew Stonebrook and Samantha Rahe at 203 Baltimore St. for $144,000. Gerald Gearhart to Darren Gaich at 732 Henry St. for $93,000. Estate of Leon Burkett to Sarah Lawson at 827 Washington St. for $42,000. NORTH HUNTINGDON TWP.
Kristi Krevokuch to Neal Nanassy at 11071 Blue Bird Drive for $150,000. Estate of Sue Ellen Raynes to DHampton L.P. at 8590 Broadway St. for $32,500. Michael Kovachik to Kelly Morrison at 551 Caruthers Lane for $286,000. Brian Winwood to Robyn and Louis Cohn at 12251 Church Drive for $207,500. DiCerbo Properties Real Estate Invesment to LaGorga Properties LLC at 199 Front St. for $89,000. Betty Thornton to Shawn Knox at 10350 Harrison Ave. for $150,000. Bank New York Mellon to Vicky Dobbeck at 1601 Jonah Drive for $95,000. Vicki Novak to David Wright and Suzanne Kopp at 9680 Laurel Ave. for $146,000. Robert Michael Alexander to Nicholas Dwayne and Sherri Lou Tucker at 9161 Lucia Lane for $368,250. Wynn Noll to Midfirst Bank at 470 Meadow Road for $1,685 by sheriff’s deed. Ronald Palmieri to William Jacob Householder and Lori Sue Simmers at 10950 Old Trail Road for $137,000. Kris Nyberg to Nicholas and Torrie Lamantia at 12130 Pine Crest Court for $32,500. Estate of James Pensenstadler to George and Laura Momich at 14244 Roberta Drive for $142,000. Estate of Alexander Kormos to Marshall and Gloria Wolfe at 10299 Roseway Blvd. for $195,000. Mary Jordan to Nationstar Mortgage LLC at 10080 Vermont St. for $1,937 by sheriff’s deed. Alfred Tuscano II to Alex and Shawna Mizik at 9590 Wilson St. for $82,500. PENN TOWNSHIP
Robert Janvier to Brandon and Julia Saltsman at 2010 Ashburn Court for $210,000. William Kline to Kevin Frye et al. and Ann Garrity Tokar at 503 Burrell Hill Circle for $77,000. Joseph Grupp to Nicholas and Michelle Liprando at 3083 Bushy Run Road for $161,000. Brian McGowan to Christopher and Kate Gavin at 14 Hawthorne Lane for $492,500. Ryan Jones to Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC at 124 McMahon Drive for $2,089 by sheriff’s deed. C&E Marketing Inc. to Kneading Dough LLC at 620 N. 14th St. Ext. for $105,000. Ronald Toth to Kenneth Harris and Emily Pigott Harris at 381 Pine Hollow Road for $227,500. Rivendell Development L.P. to NVR Inc. at 1024 Rohan Court for $61,000. SFG2 Group L.P. to Ronald and Amanda Lynn Clawson at Saunders Station Road for $129,900. SFG2 Group L.P. to Charles and Karen Price at 231 Saunders Station Road for $119,000. Donna Krisnosky to Alexander David Benyo and Leah Margaret Huff at 1054 Seneca Lane for $234,750. RWS Development RC LTD to Brian and Christine Machen at 1014 Skyline Drive for $85,000. SFG2 Group L.P. to Kathleen Hilbeck at 100 Sterling Oaks Drive for $90,000. SFG2 Group L.P. to Lawrence and Nancy Potochnik at 106 Sterling Oaks Drive for $68,000. SFG2 Group L.P. to Christine Bershok at 106 Sterling Oaks Drive for $463,805. SFG2 Group L.P. to Drew and Mary Louise Van Orden at 109 Sterling Oaks Drive for $68,000. SFG2 Group L.P. to Lawrence and Jane Hanley at 111 Sterling Oaks Drive for $68,000. Suncrest Homes Inc. to James Porter at 119 Sterling Oaks Drive for $399,000. Rivendell Development L.P. to NVR Inc. at 1008 Valinor Drive for $61,000. ROSTRAVER TOWNSHIP
Joseph King to Jonathan and Rachel Neff at 175 Airport Road for $110,000. Joel Bodnar to Thomas Sterner at 516 Galileo Drive for $275,000. Entech LLC to Maronda Homes Inc. at 401 Gardenia Drive for $54,000. John Kosinski to Chirstopher and Kayla Powell at 113 Kimberly Court for $286,000. Maronda Homes Inc. to Dienna Lash at 2072 Lake View Drive for $239,900. Steve Deliman to US Bank NA at 116 Morningstar Drive for $1,750 by sheriff’s deed. Rostraver Shopping Center LLC to Rostraver Plaza LLC at 1725-1749 Rostraver Road for $3,450,000. Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust to Jerry and June Robeson at 4856 SR 51 for $53,000. SALEM TOWNSHIP
William Sjolinder to Anthony Wisnesck at 1118 Brick Hill Road for $105,000. Estate of Dorothy Miller to 4 A Peak Real Estate LLC at 260 Cloverleaf Drive for $55,000. Daniel Law to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 210 Kaufman Road for $1,411 by sheriff’s deed. SEWARD
Estate of Chaney Woodring to Aaron and Tammy Lentz at 6900 Route 711 for $74,200. SEWICKLEY TOWNSHIP
Dienna Lash to Brandy Wilson at 130 Daisy St. for $109,900. Ronald Calvin Bramhall to Matthew and Kelly Cable at 113 Springhill Road for $258,000. SOUTH HUNTINGDON TOWNSHIP

Ramona Altenbaugh to Pet Adoption League at 2118 2122 First St. for $60,000. Westmoreland Land LLC to Matthew and Victoria McKenzie at 151 Layman Road for $333,500. SOUTHWEST GREENSBURG

Invision Development LLC to Diana Orbon at 414 Mace St. for $165,000. George McFarland to Michael Ceidro at 723 Mace St. for $150,000. TRAFFORD
Alexander Deroeck to Candice Kmetz at 534 Seventh St. for $126,500. Kevin Brandy to Shane Solomon at 302 Cavitt Ave. for $30,000. UNITY TOWNSHIP
Kevin Dail to Joseph Freiland at 3222 Ridgeway Drive for $263,000. Nicholas Winebrenner to Kimberly Ann Haught at 3239 Ridgeway Road for $272,500. Estate of Edna Hamilton to US Bank NA at 4268 Route 982 for $4,060 by sheriff’s deed. Mark Haase Jr. to Thomas Snyder III and Crystal Snyder at 131 Urban Ave. for $28,000. John Townsend to Matthew Allen at 1254 W. Fir Drive for $177,000. UPPER BURRELL
Estate of Adolph Victor Pajerski to Harry Knull and Arthur Grazier at 1028 Merwin Road for $205,000. Robert Simpson to Travis and Sandra Wall at 199 Upper Drennen Road for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $72,419). VANDERGRIFT
Franklin & Assoc. LLC to Bethany Bowser at 1005 Poe St. for $107,000. WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP
Thomas Shaner to Brady Bertetto at 157 Martin Drive for $113,500. WEST LEECHBURG
Kenneth Smith to Jesse Vulgris at 1214 Edgewood St. for $165,000. David Edward Washlaski to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB at 134 Summit St. for $1,751 by sheriff’s deed. WEST NEWTON
Larry Joseph Danny to Legacy Mortgage Asset Trust 2017-GS1 at 162 N. Second St. for $1,581. Gregory Neil Coates to Shelley Josey at 110 Summit St. for $27,500.

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