Alberta Altmeyer to John Sober and Susan Shaffer Sober at 584 Rich Hill Road for $175,900.


Elaine Stubblefield to Melody Wright at 1732 Fourth Ave. for $53,000.


Brenda Sieczkowski to Chad and Jessica Best at 231 Westmoreland Ave. for $67,900.


James Sivak to Jonathan Robert Kline and Christine Brill at 466 Powder Mill Village Ln for $137,000. VA to David and Lisa Cairns at 2339 SR 711 for $80,000.


Jordan James to Raymond Kauffman and Michelle Lynn Colwell at 114 Clinton St. for $145,000. Estate of Richard Belice to 5542 Columbus Pike Ltd. at 113 Power Drive for $490,000. Daniel McClintock et al. to Gary and Mary Catherine Sherman at 2711 Raymond Ave. for $55,000. Otis Case IV to Harold and Laura Baird at 913 Ruby St. for $185,000. Estate of Lawrence Winklosky Jr. to Michael Self at 411 SR 217 for $164,000. Charles Varano to Jonathan Caranese at 4798 SR 982 for $132,000. James Thomas Jr. to Robert Rudge Jr. at 560 Sunview Cir for $262,310.


Rhonda Johnson to David Emert at 770 County Line Road for $88,000. PNC Bank to Richard Ritenour at 3325 SR 31 for $25,000.


S&T Bank to Douglas and Sherri Maughan at 123 Fire Department Road for $15,000.


Ryan Cunningham to Fairhill North Trust at Green Oak Ln for $891 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $20,473) by sheriff’s deed. Raymond Hartman to Troy and Kiley Pritts at 705 Horrell Drive for $190,000. Royce Winslow to Fairhill North Trust at SR 1008 for $754 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $4,233) by sheriff’s deed.


Charles DeCriscio to Onyx Properties LLC at 515 516 Catherine St. for $57,000. Kenneth McCullough to Robert Earl Kreider Jr. and Patricia DeNunzio Kreider at 103 Dana Drive for $215,000. Rennie Detore to Joshua Waller and Dylan Gourley at 1054 New London Drive for $229,900. Michael Dalicandro to Thomas Patrick Ward II et al. and Sara Ward at 441 Ridgeway St. for $193,500. Estate of Dorothy Clark to PNC at 432 Vine St. for $4,914 by sheriff’s deed. Albert Murphy et al. to MAKO Holdings LLC at 433 Vine St. for $63,000.


Marian Gray to Michael and Melinda Sue Elias at 173 Bonita Drive for $192,500. Timothy Varner Jr. to Kaitlin Riley at 139 Cameo Ln for $137,200. Marlene Van Doren Falvo to Jeanine Cosentino at 42 Lakeridge Drive for $218,000. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Patricia and Amy Polowichak at 7842 Route 819 for $9,000. Michael Rowe to Martin and Joan Myers at 1125 Scepter Ln for $277,000. Blase O’Lear to Brett and Savannah Tyron at 817 Stonebridge Drive for $274,000.


Estate of Albert Oblak to Louann Starr at 315 Sloan Ave. for $83,000. Donald Rugh to Gerald Eicher at 1007 Thompson St. for $85,000.


Ryan Roycroft to Nationstar Mortgage LLC at 60 N Ligonier St. for $3,047 by sheriff’s deed. Samuel DePasquale Jr. to Bernadine Nipar at 113 Thompson St. for $57,000.


Delwood Homes Inc. to Scott and Deborah Boyd at 320 Armory Way for $423,250.


Richard Quinette to J Paul and Cynthia McCracken at 809 Forbes Drive for $350,000. Gwendolyn Kenyon to Raymond and Penney Hartman at 3395 SR 711 for $115,000. J&A Custom Builders LLC to Shawn Underwood at 126 School St. for $143,000.


Robert Bolewitz to Connor James Minford and Amethyst Marie Vozar at 420 Fieldstone Drive for $210,000. Donald Samosky to Phillip Anthony Thompson and Heidi Catherine Rupprecht at 749 Idaho Drive for $195,500. Pager Properties LLC to Jessi Johnson at 200 Oakridge Drive for $250,000. Edith Guerrini to Christine Worokey at 500 Prospect Cir for $209,000.


Upswing Development LLC to Kenneth Hampson at 610 Reed Ave. for $30,000.


OCI Inc. to Dawn Rentals at 103 N Diamond St. for $25,000.


Kevin McFeaters to Nathan Earnesty at 6913 Route 819 for $169,000.


Estate of Jean Jones to Acres Development Group L.P. at Unknown Address for $400,000. Stewart Schott to David and Melanie Mills at 6025 Forbes Hollow Road for $640,000. Donald Pugh to David and Stefanie Demarco at 3102 Johnston Ct for $280,000. Kathleen Boone to Alvin and Stephanie Hill at 4765 Logan Ferry Road for $265,000. Michael Verona et al. to Jacob and Alyssa Crawford at 372 Nature Trail Ln for $180,000. Joseph Ferriero Jr. to Anthony and Angela Rose Scampone at 5915 Oak Hill Ct for $379,900. Nathan Via to Michael and Elizabeth Delk at 3682 School Road for $270,000. Horace Cofer to Christopher Stolish at 4216 Tamarack Ln for $152,500.


Robert Rabenstein III to Robert and Megan Higgins at 205 Church St. for $177,500.


John Parsons to Patsy and Andrea Scalise at 312 Fernledge Drive for $168,500. Brent Wills to Daniel Delpha at 617 Freeport Road for $134,900. Mary Malek to Antonio and Nicole Magnelli at 263 Highland Ave. for $130,000. Johne McGinnis to Polly Snell at 37 Robinson St. for $47,500.


Nathan Thompson to Michael Casario at 13565 Ann Drive for $199,900. Valerie Opfar to Calley Tinley at 677 Bridge St. for $135,000. Daniel Rinkes trustee to Brandon and Kelsey Bimber at 578 Carmelott St. for $154,000. Nicholas Palmiero to Maribeth Werner at 221 Charles Drive for $149,900. Nicholas Lenhart to Charles and Erin Hardman at 648 Clay Pike for $169,900. Nicholas Fabrizi to Meredith Sepesy at 10078 Deerfield Drive for $159,900. David Miller to Summer Kelley at 1799 Diane Merle Drive for $112,000. Christopher Dominick Rigone to Carla Bulava at 561 Kingfred Drive for $303,500. Kingdom Properties South Florida Inc. to Alice Lee at 13793 Marven Drive for $187,777. JSamuels LLC to Mark Zvolensky Jr. at 831 Niagara Drive for $199,500. David Frederick to Justin Belak and Jody Schuchert at 1390 Peachtree Ln for $306,000.

Carpayn LLC to Kyle and Julia Jespersen at 14475 Roberta Drive for $200,400.

Kirk Haight Real Estate Holdings LLC to Somerset Trust Co. at Route 30 for $224,900. RWS Land Co. Inc. to Heather Chelkis at 874 Sgt Don Kattic Way for $370,024. Dorothy McHugh to Heather Wessling at 11830 Shannon Drive for $83,250. Quicken Loans Inc. to Michelle Ann Accorsi and Ruth Maria Latshaw at 449 Sweetgum Ln for $73,500.


Ryan Silvis to Matthew Cline at 242 Vista Drive for $179,900.


William Hunter to Steven Oft and Courtney Daniels at 19 Barri Drive for $250,000. NVR Inc. to Michael and Tara Hutchinson at 1005 Black Sands Drive for $432,875. Anthony Sicari to Matthew and Melanie Bartolozzi at 6010 Brookside Drive for $439,610. Estate of Mary Cinti to Andrew Josselyn Jr. and Kasey Josselyn at 2112 Claridge Elliot Road for $116,500. Mattcon Industries Inc. to Michael Barnyk at 503 Cypress Ct for $181,000. Norma Bennett to Raymond and Susan Bernick at 1189-1191 Dry Dam Road for $339,000. NVR Inc. to Stephen and Juli Chowan at 1023 Rohan Ct for $307,350. RWS Development RC LTD to Ryan Hodge and Megan Rowles Hodge at 1009 Skyline Drive for $95,000.


James Sasko to Ryan Yurkovich at 372 Forest Drive for $154,000. Andrew Lippert to Krishna and Nirmala Prasai at 454 W Spring Grove Blvd. for $300,000.


Isaac Eshleman to Patrick Charles and Andrah Alice Bates at 1179 Beaver Run Road for $273,000. John Bartocci to Brooke Leigh and Dominick Nania at 116 Joseph Vito Drive for $264,000.


James Zimmerman to Thomas Myers and Sarah Hansen at 123 Fifth St. for $170,000. Sherry Lynn Cross to Bradley David Kmieciak at 704 George St. for $90,500. Estate of Evelyn Smith to Lyndsey Androstic at 510 Market St. for $73,000.


Jeremy Gentry to Houses To Homes Realty LLC at 510 Texaco St. for $16,500.


Robert Stewart to Kenneth Easterday at 116 Mizpark Drive for $155,000.


Andrew Janos Jr. to Enrico Seeno and Dana Walker at 189 Dutch Hollow Road for $145,000.


Estate of Violet Harenski to Vaune and Caitlin McGinn at 205 Fourth Ave. for $119,000.


Jeffrey Byich to Justin and Bobbi Jo Harr at 1143 Bundy Drive for $239,000. Pankaj Trivedi to Joshua and Kelly Lustgarten at 207 Kingsbrooke Drive for $320,000.

John Fullmer to Charles and Mary Allias IV at 219 Kingsbrooke Drive for $306,000.

Brett Tryon to Tina Frye at 304 Morningside Drive for $94,000. Estate of Helen Suda to Gregory and Michelle Fumea at 1118 Ridgeview Drive for $50,000.


Linda Schecht to DA Albright Housing LLC at 343 Longfellow St. for $42,500.


Charles Seibel to Jennifer Hufford at 211 Mamont Drive for $239,900. James Daugherty Jr. to Patrick Kiebler at 242 244 Paradise Drive for $30,000. Jason Inc. to Michael and Beth Rowe at 792 Pine Vue Drive for $164,900.


Shawn McConnell to Nicholas and Victoria Black at 1109 Gosser St. for $160,000.


Hansel Lucas to Vision Real Estate Holdings LLC at Unknown Address for $48,900. Jeff Begonia to Scott Boytim and David Cox at 230 Riverside Drive for $225,000. Christopher Jay Agona to Jacob Vitullo at 217 S Fifth St. for $148,900.


Sandra Zink et al. to Danielle Shaffer at 117 S Fifth St. for $103,000. ForLove Construction Inc. to Jerome and Karen Davis at 702 Skyline Drive for $158,000.

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