Thomas Stancik to Donald Lenz at 50 Beecher Court for $125,000. Gary Davidhizar to Gary Davidhizar and Jeanne Cline at 71 Hall Drive for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $83,557). Treva Jane Crawford to Brian Shavensky at 43 Stitt Ave. for $70,100.


Randy Fitzroy to 2076 Holdings LLC at 1811 Victoria Ave. for $20,000.


Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Jeffrey Miller at 2053 Second St. for $16,505. Charles Bollinger to Mitchel Fannin at 278 Kochka Drive for $115,000. Curtis John Cody Sample to Donald Richard Howard at 227 Stewart St. for $35,000.


Keith Keslar to Timothy and Erik Ma Macmillan Showalter at 97 99 Stom Road for $135,000.


Calvin Gongaware to Ryan and Chelsie Kerila at 123 Stotler Drive for $175,000.


Estate of Helen Knapp to Christine Ellenberger at 1072 Cameron St. for $157,000. Justin Miller to Tanya Smith at 2117 Dailey Ave. for $89,900. Estate of Mabel Enos to Diana Kostelnik at 815 Everview Lane for $187,500. Gregory Susa to Matthew and Kellynn Krinock at Fairview Lane for $95,000. Gregory Susa to Rodney and Nancy Marshall at 888 Pizza Barn Road for $100,000. Richard Barchesky to Andrew and Amanda Barchesky at 609 SR 217 for $143,000. Shawn Horwat to Darryl and Mary Chemski at 1313 Wood St. for $170,000.


Jerry Overly to Brandon James and Kelly Ann Garland at 284 286 Race Track Road for $329,900. James Shannon to Matthew and Amy Clawiter at 1397 W. Pittsburgh St. for $150,000. Mary Lou Hacker to Duane and James Lint at 1300 Water St. for $10,500.


Bonnie Galbraith to Brittany Dawn Bier at 128 Midget Camp Road for $80,000.


Sherie Ehman to Carissa Alexander at 1049 Cranston Drive for $123,500. Jessica Sindorf to Segavepo LLC at 43 Glenview Ave. for $100,000. Richard Engleka to Budget Master Printing & Graphics Inc. at 448 Locust St. for $75,000. Estate of Stephen Orbon to Sonny Scotty and Holly Brizzee at 52 McLaughlin Drive for $175,000. Estate of Richard Logreco to Pamela Cusano and Megan Skolada at 23 Meadowbrook Ave. for $143,900. Matthew John Carney to Tyler Petro at 233 S. Washington Ave. for $115,000.


Ty Musa to Ty Musa at 1239 Brinkerton Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $51,217). Clayton Hoffer to Clayton Hoffer at 170 Bus Garage Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $62,842). Emma Bomer to Zachary and Sydney Hippely at 1358 Denton St. for $142,000. Matthew Butler to Amy Galmoff at 230 Humphrey Road for $130,000. Estate of Linford Stewart to Beth Keenan at 234 Humphrey Road for $95,000. Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Dillon Carl at 846 Hunker Lumber Road for $31,500. Barbara Harriger to Merle David and Carol Baker at 2202 Hunt Club Drive for $280,000. Ann Glenn to Benjamin Harvey and Kaitlyn McManus at 113 Lost Trail Lane for $195,000. LSF9 Master Participation Trust to East Coast Cycles SSMC Inc. at 14 Monroe St. for $5,000. Estate of Susan Kulick to Laura Saar at 820 Mt. Pleasant Road for $102,000. Philip Hines Jr. to David Martin and Clairissa Hann Sheedy at 187 Pattern Shop Road for $165,360. Ruth Poscich to Amanda Forrester and Mary Clever at 221 Ridgefield Drive for $119,000. John Dufalla to Patrick Smith at 19 S. Rolling Hills Ave. for $165,000. William Knackstedt to Timothy Flannery at 103 Sherwood Drive for $163,000. Estate of John Rohrbacher to Ruth and Beth Anthony at 543 Waterbury Drive for $139,900. Vaughn Neill to Luke Pisarcik at 2144 Whites Hill Road for $57,000. Mike Harrity to Scott Reedy et al. and Lauren Reedy at 426 Willow Crossing Road for $179,900. Dominic Palmieri to Kirsten and Heather Marie Douglas at 143 Windsor Drive for $195,000.


Tyler Thornton to Joseph and Ashley Poletini at 1206 Ninth St. for $212,500. 424 Investors LLC to Tyler and Tami Thornton at 809 Pennsylvania Ave. for $382,000.


Courtney Josselyn to Kelly Jeffries at 1008 Arlington Ave. for $89,900. Sarah Cottrill to Jeffery and Domonique Scrimshaw at 111 Good St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $8,051). Richard Croce to Parei Ventures LLC at 11 Magee Ave. for $30,000. Thomas Throm Jr. et al. to Kim Daugherty at 101 N. Ninth St. for $20,000. Jeffrey Fraser to Mark Seibel at 1017 Ohio Ave. for $156,700. William Biedinger to Charles and Jacqueline Schade at 411 S. Fifth St. for $60,000. David Blasioli to Christian Blackwell and Claire Jones at 608 Seiler Ave. for $99,500.


Kelley Clark to Landry & Westerbeck Properties LLC at 1828 Ligonier St. for $275,000.


Joseph Leighty to Joseph and Patricia Leighty at Unknown Address for $6,000. Peter Pacienza to Raymond and Tara Lodovico at 162 Hermitage Circle for $233,900. Bruce Baxter to Thomas and Karen Rihn at Hillside Ave. for $11,000. Paul Coyne to Ryan and Alyssa Codrick at 768 Laurel Drive for $400,000. Thomas Clark to Thomas DiDiano III at 222 Ross Mountain Park for $40,000. Jeanne MacDonald to Shawn and Lindsey Miller at 1459 Route 30 for $234,000.


Arthur Schrecongost to Louis Lorenz Jr. at 553 Arizona Drive for $52,000. Chad Holsing to Sirva Relocation Credit LLC at 570 Cleveland Drive for $182,000. Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Nicholas Levish at 570 Cleveland Drive for $182,000. Estate of Garver Rayburn to Elizabeth Morrison at 2724 Edna St. for $142,000. Albert Chamrad to John Daniels at 2709 Harvey Drive for $107,500. John Jeffries to Yvonne Pasanac at 2750 Iowa Drive for $137,500. Arlene Finnecy to David Riddle at 172-174 Michigan Ave. for $169,900. Frank Reid to David Endlich at 3147 New Hampshire Drive for $176,000.


Audra Shaner et al. to Marcus Mazur at 842 County Road for $45,000.


Judith Zahoran to Zachary and Nicole Wenk at 81 Observatory St. for $179,900.


Troy Lamont Banks Jr. to R&R Care Plus LLC at 476 Clarendon Ave. for $16,000. Estate of Arthur Popp to Bonita Henderson at 1956 Grand Blvd. for $119,399. Melody Gazdik to Eric Olson at 1425 Walnut St. for $35,000.


Alfred Mickey Basile to Monica DeFloria at 412 Howard St. for $70,000. Christopher Firmstone to Marlo Christina Butsko at 16 W. Vine St. for $60,000. Erma Ferne Demangone to Kenneth and Bonita Meier at 809 W. Vine St. for $133,000. RFH Development LLC to Evergreen RE Development LLC at 347 Washington St. for $30,000.


Kenneth Meier to Ronald and Corey Funk at 113 Lemmon Road for $150,000. Estate of Marilyn Lee Chomas to Richard Albright Jr. and Kimberly Poppa at 68 State St. for $15,000. Barry House to Brandon Wood and Erin Linhart at 78 State St. for $107,500.


Robert Furgurson to Seth Barnett and Margi Desai at 3126 Antheo Court for $485,000. Michael Marson to Devon Burkholder at 3258 Mayer Drive for $196,900. Donald Nebel Jr. to Jin Hua Chen and Xiaojing Lin at 3902 Ridgemont Court for $295,500. JV10 LLC to Suncrest Homes Inc. at 4050 Sinan Farm Drive for $159,000. James Armstrong to Matt Love and Chad Porter at 4819 Treesdale Court for $155,000. Sue Ellen Sever to Justin and Maria Sever at 3769 Weistertown Road for $131,500. Richard Fatur to Sylvan and Eric Dahle at 3690 Windover Road for $315,000.


Edward Talmadge to Billie and Brandi Povlick at 1951 Seventh St. Road for $169,900. Estate of Norma Jean Falo to E&LA Properties LLC at 858 Anderson St. for $25,000. Sandra Zulawinski to Joshua and Emily Truckley at 329 Keystone Ave. for $143,000. John Querio to Brian and Martha Cox at 129 Marlboro Drive for $162,500.


Estate of Bonita Spina to Joshua McKita at 520 Green St. for $87,100.


Betty Konter to Jillian Brady at 895 Alder Drive for $150,000. Mark Whalen to Connor and Megan Dixon at 571 Ashton Court for $545,000. RMWS Ltd. to Nicholas and Anne Liparulo at 1090 Augusta Circle for $80,900. Amy Dunn to Michelle Wolfe at 640 Bridge St. for $44,000. MCMI Investment Group LLC to Edward and Tammara Landry at 2541 Clay Pike Road for $247,000. Timothy Ginnevan to David and Hannah Newell at 1996 Colleen Drive for $172,500. Housing & Urban Development to James Stratigos at 11260 Larwin Lane for $45,700. Housing & Urban Development to JSamuels LLC at 831 Niagara Drive for $73,937. Nicholas Zahratka to David Driggers at 590 Semple Drive for $212,900. Nancy Loughner to John Znidarzich Jr. at 13534 St. Clair Drive for $180,000. Joe Williams to Zig Ventures LLC at 431 Woodall Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $144,699). Raymond Marecic Jr. to Luc Nguyen and Hong Phuong Truong at 11171 Wren Drive for $195,000.


Jeffrey Darragh to Valerie Robin Morton at 204 Market st for $10,000.


Blackthorn Investors LLC to NVR Inc. at Unknown Address for $99,999. G. Allan Brenneman to Daniel and Kimberly DeStefano at Unknown Address for $45,400. Susan Eileen Baker to Sara Marilouise Felder at 514 Burrell Hill Circle for $267,500. Robert Anderson to Edward and Beverly Cox at 7 Depot St. for $135,000. Barbara Bershok to Jared and Meaghan Wright at 124 Painter St. for $226,000. Kistler Development Co. to Joseph and Susan Iovino at 3023 Park View Court for $490,000. Estate of John Brunson to Daniel and Kimberly Destefano at 318 Pine Hollow Road for $35,100. Stephen Frederick Seltzer III to Adam and Megan Satira at 8 Sarah Court for $230,000. Ronald Speranza to Michael and Jean Davin at 6411 Ten Point Circle for $432,500. Mary Jo Paterline to John and Kristi Whitney at 13 Valley Vue Drive for $255,000. Blackthorn Investors LLC to NVR Inc. at 1014 Wedgewood Drive for $70,575.


Herman Sams to Mark and Jennifer Musiak at Unknown Address for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $18,668). Christopher Mehalek to Alan Pritchett at 431 Finley Road for $148,750. Herman Sams to Mark and Jennifer Musiak at 329 Todd Farm Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $170,862).


Ricciuti Enterprise Inc. to Dee and Sally Taylor at 1111 N. Ashfield Way for $334,400.


Estate of Raymond DeTurk to Daniel Baric at 185 Highberger Road for $193,000. Estate of Constance Cross to Rodman and Tammy Stewart at 10 Korpar Lane for $107,000. Brandon Nedley to Evan William Buchanan at 121 Lowber Road for $25,000.


Travis Michael to Todd Bryer at 116 Alderwood Drive for $169,500. Gregory Welsh to Karen Geitner at 1722 Washington St. for $103,500.


Gary Neil to Eldy Ruiz at 126 128 Railroad St. for $4,000.


Samuel Pilato to Sherie Ehman at 532 Chestnut St. for $171,000. Flip Enterprises LLC to Isaac Brinker and Alexandra Sleasman at 746 Sidney St. for $95,000.


Sonny Michael Tokay to Vanir Properties LLC at 426 Second Ave. for $31,000.


Mary Mihok to James and Patricia Sanderson at 86 First St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $57,290). Estate of Michael Manalovich Jr. to Louis Corrales and Casey Shoub at 103 Belleau Wood Blvd. for $80,000. James Yauger to Grant Craig and Ronald Garner at 523 Brinton Ave. for $122,500.


Regina Kelly to Judy Elnyczky at 2026 Atlantis Drive for $75,000. Knights Landing Inc. to Thomas Eugene and Sandra Rocio Kantor at 735 Cat Curve for $401,363. Mark Suzuki to Robert Lee Bowlin Jr. and Cristina Byers at 1507 Clearview Drive for $285,000. Dennis Grace to Bruce Davis at 2002 Deacon Drive for $375,000. Raymond Victor West to Samuel Ivan and Kathryn Ann Fisher at 154 Friedline Lane for $350,000. James Regina et al. to Ronald and Deborah Kosor at 203 Frye Farm Road for $50,000. Michael Kromel to Judith Kovach at 2001 Station Road for $51,500. Michael Show to James Coletti III at 213 Sussex Way for $218,000. John Hanna to Anthony and Beverly DeLost at 2023 Timbercrest Drive for $380,000. Lauren Condon to Kevin Condon at 567 Unity St. for $32,500. Carney Road LLC to Santo and Eden Bell at 103 Winslow Court for $387,000.


Melvin Boord to Milton Pitts at Unknown Address for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $3,470).


Douglas Kimmell to Calli McCluskey at Unknown Address for $75,000. PROF-2013-S3 Legal Title Trust II to Shashi Kumar at 110 Franklin Ave. for $6,000.


Celesta Kiebler to Olympus Energy LLC at Unknown Address for $199,900. Howard Berta to Scott and Amber Campbell at 349 Hunters Lane for $16,000.


Peter Rogacki to Michele and Jody Michael at 1400 Piper Road for $195,000.


Raymond Morgan to Robert and Beth Ann Mihalchik at 302 Blackburn St. for $29,000. Estate of Julia Olschon to Jason and Michelle Rose at 501 Locust St. for $106,000. Estate of Timothy Oliphant to Dale and Diane Kimberly at 205 W. Main St. for $8,500.


Vision Real Estate Holdings LLC to Alexander Wallace at 205 N. Fourth St. for $112,500. Wendy Pizzutelli to William Miller at 2 S. Seventh St. for $130,000. ———

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