Chad Amond, President and CEO of the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce, has been appointed to the Pennsylvania State Transportation Commission (STC).

“I was honored to recommend the nomination of Chad Amond to the distinguished State Transportation Commission, which oversees the 12-Year Transportation Program estimated at $64 billion,” said Senator Kim Ward, R-Hempfield, who chairs the Senate Transportation Committee. “Chad brings a wealth of pro-business experience and a passion for improving the transportation system in the southwest and across this great Commonwealth.”

Amond was named President and CEO of the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce in 2011. Under Amond’s leadership, the Chamber has grown significantly and is dedicated to supporting, encouraging and advancing responsible business development by providing a number of member benefits including advocacy for a business-friendly environment, leadership development and a forum for building professional relationships. In his role, Amond is responsible for implementing the organization’s strategic plan, identifying opportunities to increase membership value, managing day-to-day business operations and serving as the organization’s principal communicator.

Amond sits on a number of community organization boards and advisory councils including: Westmoreland County Community College (current vice chairman); Pennsylvania Foundation for Free Enterprise (current secretary); Pennsylvania Association of Chamber Professionals (former chairman); Chambers of Commerce Service Corporation; and Economic Growth Connection of Westmoreland. In addition, he is the radio host of The Westmoreland Business Journal, which airs monthly on News Talk 1480 WCNS and Westmoreland Community Connections, which airs weekly on WHJB 107.1.

“I’m honored to be recommend by Senator Ward, nominated by Governor Wolf, and appointed unanimously by the Pennsylvania Senate to serve on the STC. I wish to make Westmoreland County, our region, and all of the Commonwealth a better place to live, work, and play,” Amond said.

“It is imperative that all of the Commonwealth and Westmoreland County possess and maintain adequately funded and reliable transportation and other infrastructure,” Amond said. “The Chamber advocates for greater efficiencies in their construction, maintenance, delivery and regulatory processes. To be competitive with neighboring states and within our own region, we must improve our infrastructure to better facilitate the free flow of goods and commerce along with the mobility of our citizens for business and recreational activities. This includes roads, bridges, ports, railways, airports, mass transit and more.”

The State Transportation Commission (STC) is chaired by the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and serves as the Department’s Board of Directors. The STC is charged with high-level evaluation of Pennsylvania’s transportation system and provides policy-driven direction with respect to the development of the Twelve Year Transportation Program.

The STC approved the 2019 Twelve Year transportation program that provides $63.9 billion dollars for improvements to roads, bridges, transit systems, airports, railroads and bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

More information about the STC can be found at

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