The Westmoreland County Industrial Development Corporation (WCIDC) Board of Directors — Chair Sean Kertes, vice chair Doug Chew and secretary Gina Cerilli — last Thursday approved a $657,385 project to renovate the interior of one of the last unoccupied buildings in Jeannette Industrial Park. A state Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) grant will cover the project’s full cost.

Low-bidder TBI Contracting of McKeesport was awarded the contract to modernize the 50,095 square-foot building. TBI Contracting will:

  • Install energy-efficient LED interior lighting;
  • Insulate the roof;
  • Insulate exterior walls and finish them with interior paneling;
  • Replace its brick floor with concrete;
  • Replace existing exterior doors;
  • Construct a new women’s restroom;
  • Refurbish an existing office, breakroom and men’s restroom.

“These upgrades are going to make that space even more attractive to business, and that’s going to help build on the momentum that we’re seeing in Jeannette” Kertes said. “There’s optimism and enthusiasm in Jeannette these days, and when you combine that energy with the incentives available through the city’s designation as a federal Opportunity Zone, we think this upgraded industrial space is going to be very appealing to a lot of businesses.”

Chew said he is pleased that the WCIDC secured RACP funding to cover the improvements.

“As both WCIDC directors and county commissioners, we’re looking to promote and encourage business development in the county while being fiscally responsible,” Chew said. “Being able to reinvest in our properties and having the cost fully covered by a state grant make this a very easy choice for us.”

There currently are only two unoccupied buildings in Jeannette Industrial Park (JIP). The 55,019 square-foot Building 108 is currently available, and Building 102 will be available when the renovations are completed. TBI Contracting is expected to finish work by Nov. 20.

“To stimulate job growth, you need to invest. And this just might be the ideal time for us — and private industry — to reinvest in Jeannette,” Cerilli said. “We all see the progress that Elliott Group is making on its new $60-million facility down the road from this industrial park, and just last month, Jeannette-based Stellar Precision Components signed a four-year lease at JIP to expand its operations. It feels like this city truly embodies the term ‘Opportunity Zone.’”

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