The Unity Township Zoning Hearing Board on Tuesday unanimously approved a variance request to subdivide a property along Lloyd Avenue for the construction of a single-family home.

Bar Properties, LLC came to the board requesting to subdivide a 1.94 acre parcel located in a B-1 zone into two lots.

The property owner, James Barchesky, also requested a dimensional variance to reduce a 75-foot front setback to 50 feet to give his daughter “a little bit more room to build the house” on one of the newly-subdivided lots.

Barchesky also requested frontage relief of 35.5 and 21.6 feet for the two lots.

Surveyor Art Kromel said there were once two houses located on the parcel.

“Those were ripped down and this property was consolidated into one parcel,” Kromel said. “Mr. Barchesky wishes to subdivide it into two parcels. His daughter wants to build a residential home there.”

The parcel currently contains a commercial building — once part of Latronics Corporation — and a garage.

Kromel says Barchesky currently uses the building for personal storage, and that he has no plans to “fix the building up or rent it out.”

“This proposed construction wouldn’t be out of character for the neighborhood,” Kromel said.

In other business, the board approved Robert and Beverly Pniewskis’ request for a variance to subdivide a .598 acre property at 3722 Route 30 where the Cloverleaf Gun Shop is located.

The Pniewskis requested relief from the township’s minimum lot area requirements of 30,000 square feet and the minimum lot width at the building line requirement of 200 feet.

Joe Davis of Ross Surveying Inc. said the property abutting the gun shop is owned by Leonard and Diane Bowser, who reportedly already maintain the sought-after portion of the Pniewskis’ property.

“(The Pnewskis) would like to subdivide the property in such a way that the Bowsers would be able to use a portion of the property owned by the Pniewskis as their backyard,” Davis said.

The concurrent configuration is an L-shaped property which wraps around the Bowsers’ property, Davis says.

“Essentially, what they are asking to do is alter the lot line between the two properties,” Davis said. “...“Basically, it makes it as it is right now.”

Township zoning hearing officer Harry Hosack said the township is not opposed to the proposed subdivision.

“You already have two nonconforming lots,” Hosack said. “Now, you’ll have two nonconfroming lots in a different configuration.”

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