A Unity Township couple on Tuesday received a dimensional variance request to build a 1,600-square-foot garage on their property at 1048 Terrace Drive in a suburban residential (R-2) district.

The township’s zoning hearing board unanimously approved Rita and David Short’s request during its regular meeting.

Under the township’s zoning ordinance, the maximum square footage of a single-family private garage in an R-2 district is 1,000 square feet.

The Shorts currently have a one-car integral garage — estimated to be 160 square feet. The family lives on a roughly half-acre lot.

Rita Short said the family wants to build a larger garage since it has to park two vehicles along Terrace Drive, which is a “narrow street.” She said the family has had problems over the years with their vehicles being “plowed in” after snowstorms.

The household will soon have five drivers, and Rita Short said building a new garage “would just be so much more convenient for all involved.”

Township officials said the plans meet setback requirements. The Shorts said their neighbors do not oppose the plans. Board member Gabe Monzo said stormwater runoff won’t be a problem as township storm sewers are located on the street where runoff would flow to.

Rita Short indicated the garage will be built in the likeness of the family’s house. The couple eventually plans to add a paved driveway.

Township zoning officer Harry Hosack said the township is not opposed to the Shorts’ plans.

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