Unity Township Supervisors won’t receive pay raises in 2021 for their work as roadmasters, as the township’s auditors on Tuesday voted to keep wages at the current rate.

“After some discussion, we realized it’s been a really tough year. There’s a lot of people without work, without jobs — really suffering,” Auditor Bill Hogle said of the pandemic’s economic toll on township residents.

“We have really great leadership down here. I’m sure (the supervisors) are going to be okay with this. ... We’ll see how we get through this year for next year.”

Hogle added that the supervisors “actually came to us and said they don’t need a raise” this year.

Last year, the auditors set hourly compensation rates for the township’s three supervisors — John Mylant, Mike O’Barto and Ed Poponick — at $29 per hour for regular work and $43.50 per hour for overtime.

O’Barto, at the auditors’ annual reorganization meeting on Tuesday, said the supervisors “did not ask for a raise” in 2021.

“In fact, we would have declined a raise. I just think the public should know that,” he said.

The supervisors’ compensation rate increases in 2020 included a slight bump from the previous pay scale, which sat at $27.75 per hour for regular work and $41.63 per hour for overtime in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

Supervisors in Unity Township earn an additional salary of $4,125 for performing their duties as elected officials.

That is the annual maximum compensation for supervisors in townships with a population of 15,000 to 24,999 under Section 606 of the state’s 1933 Act 69.

Auditors on Tuesday also voted to keep supervisors’ vacation and benefits unchanged.

In other business at the meeting, Hogel was selected as auditor chairman, Auditor Ed Saxton as vice chairman and Auditor Gus Matta as secretary for 2021.

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