Despite a small number of student-led protests and parental complaints that have occurred in the Greater Latrobe School District against following the state’s mask mandate, two student leaders reported that the school year is going well.

At a meeting of the Committee of the Whole Tuesday, student representatives Paige Kunkelman and Isaac Krom, both seniors at Greater Latrobe Senior High School, gave the school board a positive update from a student’s perspective.

“I’m really happy with how the year is looking so far,” Kunkelman told the board, who added being back in school in-person is a plus.

“I feel like I am learning a lot more being in person than I did before,” she added. “It’s such a good experience being in class.”

Krom echoed Kunkelman’s statements, and said an added bonus is the opportunity to participate and be involved in clubs, which was of course something that was missing in 2020.

“We weren’t able to meet at all last year so for me already club meetings is really nice for the students to meet with people and plan events that we think will actually happen,” said Krom.

The meeting was led by Paul T. McCommons, vice president of the board, because Eric Hauser, school board president, was not attending in-person, but rather via teleconference. McCommons was the only school board member not wearing a mask, but explained it wasn’t a statement on his part regarding mask wearing.

“It’s not that I’m against them,” McCommons said. “I find it difficult to breath while I’m wearing a mask.”

Although there isn’t a public comment portion of the agenda meetings, those who were in attendance at the meeting were all in compliance with the mask mandate.

Meanwhile, in regular business, the board discussed the items that will be on the agenda when they meet to vote on Sept. 21. Those items included:

  • Merakey Pennsylvania Rate Agreement and ESY for Merakey School Mount Pleasant and Merakey Greensburg for 21-22 school year;
  • New Story tuition agreement for 21-22 school year;
  • Holly Ann Gray/HA Gray Speech and Language, LLC independent contractor therapy/consultant agreement;
  • Southwest Behavioral Care, Inc. (SPHS Behavioral Health) memorandum of agreement;
  • Quotes for 2021 capital improvement projects;
  • PSBA officer elections;
  • Board policies;
  • Resignations and appointments of support personnel, professional personnel (substitute teachers) and supplemental support personnel;
  • Assistant athletic director’s employee benefits and pay plan, effective July 1, 2021, through June 30, 2023.

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