Prosecutors want a plea deal offered to a Derry Township man this past October in relation to two sexual assault cases voided after it was revealed that he is a suspect in another attack against a woman earlier this month in Florida.

Last week, Assistant District Attorney Theresa Miller-Sporrer told a judge that the commonwealth is no longer comfortable in the deal made with Khachek Hamerski.

The 29-year-old appeared via video from the Westmoreland County Prision, where he is being held without bond. He turned himself in after an arrest warrant was issued following the news that authorities in Delray Beach, Florida, were investigating him on allegations of sexually assaulting a woman there in early January.

Back in October, Hamerski pleaded guilty to charges of aggravated assault and strangulation of a Ligonier woman, along with indecent assault and strangulation of a Penn Township woman in 2018. He was permitted to remain free on bond until the sentencing hearing, which was scheduled for last Tuesday.

He was to receive a 2- to 5-year sentence in prison as part of the plea bargain. However, Miller-Sporrer said Hamerski engaged in conduct that voids the terms of the plea agreement, if the allegations in Florida prove true.

She relayed that she spoke with the Florida woman who has made claims against Hamerski. According to Miller-Sporrer, she said she met Hamerski on a flight from Florida and that he traveled south to meet her during the first week of January, which is when the alleged assault occurred. According to the woman, Hamerski held her captive for several days, during which she was repeatedly sexually assaulted.

At the hearing, Hamerski didn’t respond to the allegations and his attorneys said they weren’t aware of the details of the Florida investigation. They asked for time to research whether it was legal for the prosecution to void the plea deal after it was already approved by a judge.

Judge Meagan Bilik-DeFazio ordered Hamerski’s attorneys to file a written response within 20 days to the prosecution’s request to void the plea deal. Sentencing has been delayed for at least three months.

Hamerski, meanwhile, will remain in custody without bond.

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