Robb Luther to appear as Libertarian candidate on ballot for 59th District seat


Robb Luther’s campaign has announced that the Libertarian candidate will appear on the May 18 special election ballot for a vacant House seat in Pennsylvania’s 59th Legislative District.

Luther, 46, a Ligonier Valley native, said he is vying to represent ordinary Pennsylvanians who feel left behind by the Commonwealth’s government.

He advocates placing reasonable checks on gubernatorial emergency powers to protect the economy from arbitrary shutdowns, maximizing school choice by putting education dollars directly into the hands of teachers and families, and ending the property tax to enable true homeownership.

As a lifelong native of Ligonier Valley, Luther said he is invested in the community and understands the unique challenges and needs of its people.

“Ligonier Valley is my home, and has been for my entire life,” he said. “I’m proud to have raised a family here. Like you, I want it to be a place where our children and families can thrive and prosper. I know that fostering a business-friendly environment and allowing our people to control their own money will lead us to financial stability.”

Luther is a ninth-generation resident of Ligonier, who has lived in the Valley his whole life, where he and his wife raised four children, according to his campaign website. He’s currently a partner at a fast-growing digital marketing firm in Pittsburgh.

“Like many other Pennsylvanians, I’ve become concerned by the direction our state government is headed in, and the impact some of its decisions have had on our community,” Luther said. “We’re faced with real challenges, and we need solutions that tap into the potential of our people — not ones that trample over their choices and freedoms. That means getting leadership that understands how our community feels its actions.”

Luther is running for the House seat left vacant by the death of Mike Reese, who died Jan. 2 of an apparent brain aneurysm. He was elected for a seventh-term in the state House of Representatives, running unopposed in the November election.

Leslie Baum Rossi, of Latrobe, earned the Rublicican nomination in the special election, while Mariah Fisher, a Ligonier Borough councilwoman, was selected as the Democratic candidate.

“As your voice in Harrisburg, I’ll work to ease the burden of taxes and regulations on our people, put choices in education back into the hands of teachers and families, and ensure our rights are safeguarded,” he said. “Together, I know we’ll accomplish real change for our district.”

Visit for additional campaign information.

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