Ligonier Township is cleaning house at Ligonier Beach as part of its long-term revitalization plan for the local summer landmark.

The township’s board of supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved an agreement with Mark Ferry Auctioneers Inc. of Latrobe to advertise and host a public auction sale of kitchen equipment and building contents at the shuttered swimming pool and restaurant on Route 30 near Laughlintown.

The auction is scheduled for 9 a.m. Oct. 23.

The Ligonier Township Recreation Board last month had Ferry visit Ligonier Beach and gauge what viable materials could be sold.

Mark Ferry Auctioneers Inc. will arrange and prepare the available items, which will be listed on its website with images. The auctioneer will receive 20% of the final bid price received from the sales of all pieces offered at the auction.

The sale will not include any exterior building features. Supervisor Stephanie Verna was concerned about safety and security at the site as well as aesthetics and pushed back on auctioning off items like doors and windows.

“Once the doors are gone and now there’s a structure that’s no longer secure, what are we going to do to prevent people from going in there?” Verna asked.

The township is planning on razing the old bathhouse and restaurant buildings, which won’t happen until spring 2022. Verna suggested keeping anything on the exterior of the buildings part of the demolition contract.

Engineer Ben Faas of The EADS Group said that he wouldn’t be able to host a pre-bid meeting with the prospective contractors until after the public auction is held so that the companies can submit proposals according to what’s still on the site.

“What is not going to happen is, we’re not going to have residents volunteering to clean this place up and then it be destroyed when we auction stuff off for a couple bucks and people come in with five days and just start ripping the stuff out and don’t care what the condition is that they leave everything else in,” Verna said.

Progress continues with cleaning up the Ligonier Beach property, thanks to the volunteer efforts of local residents.

Friends of Ligonier Beach (FOLB) president Melissa Eller reported that the Sept. 11 Community Clean-Up Day was another success, with 29 volunteers from Ligonier and Latrobe helping to spruce up the site that morning.

Eller thanked Old Linn Run Coffee Roastery and the Pie Shoppe for donating coffee and donuts, as well as Marcia Gallo Stoner and her family for contributing funds that purchased Ligonier Valley High School marching band subs for the volunteers.

The cleanup day was the second in a trio hosted by Ligonier Township and FOLB. The next session is scheduled from 8 a.m. to noon on Oct. 2.

“We look forward to seeing people there and continuing our work with the supervisors and the township to bring this project to fruition,” Eller said.

Township manager Terry Carcella reported that the township received a $1,000 donation from Marcia Gallo Stoner and Dan Stoner for the Ligonier Beach project, no conditions attached. The gift will be added to the township’s Ligonier Beach Park fund.

Supervisors chairman John Beaufort also mentioned that FOLB would need to approach the Pennsylvania Department of Health about its proposed natural pool concept for Ligonier Beach Park, given that the chlorine-free water would have to be approved by the state.

As FOLB, the recreation board and township staff are all working in different directions on the Ligonier Beach Park revitalization project, Beaufort also suggested that the groups meet monthly to coordinate their efforts.

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