After approving its 2021 budget last month with no rate increase, the Unity Township Municipal Authority (UTMA) meeting Wednesday was light on action — as the authority board heard updates on various capital projects.

Kevin Brett of authority engineer Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering Inc., said State Pipe Services Inc. recently began working on a system inspection project related to a consent order agreement. The project involves an array of repairs to various manholes in the Nine Mile Run area, according to UTMA manager Doug Pike.

The authority in September approved a contract with the Cranberry-based contractor for $1,083,043 over a three-year period to complete the system inspection. Officials previously estimated this project should take 3-4 months for the first year of repairs.

Regarding a force main replacement on Myers Road, Brett said W.A. Petrakis Contracting and Landscaping Co. has been in contact with LSSE, exchanging shop drawings. In September, UTMA awarded a bid of $269,905 for replacing several hundred feet of line in the road. LSSE previously said the force main has experienced issues over the years and has required a number of repairs.

Meanwhile, Aliquippa-based Stefanik’s Next Generation Contracting Co. is working on ordering materials for the installation of five new permanent flow meters that will monitor flows to the Latrobe Municipal Authority (LMA) sewage treatment plant.

The meters will be installed in the areas of Monastery Run on Center Drive, Horseshoe Drive, Mission Road by Latrobe Public Works, the Route 982 interchange with Route 30 and Mill Street near Youngstown. Pike continues to work with property owners on obtaining right of ways for this project.

“I’m expecting everybody will be working December, January and probably February,” Brett said. “And they’ll finish up in the spring on those contracts.”

Pike added that each contractor is “on track, and submitting all the necessary drawings.”

Also at Wednesday’s meeting, Pike noted that nine tap-ins occurred since last month and that 20 more customers enrolled in the authority’s e-billing program, bringing the total to 1,032.

The authority board approved pay requisition No. 25 for various capital projects totaling $13,686.41, as well as a resolution to dispose of municipal records.

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