Patching and paving will continue in downtown Latrobe as part of restoration work for a water line replacement project.

Authority engineer Mark Gera of Gibson-Thomas Engineering Co. Inc. said at Tuesday’s Latrobe Municipal Authority (LMA) Board of Directors meeting that Oakdale-based Jet Jack Inc. will need to redo all punch list items — including re-patching several city streets and sidewalks.

“There’s punch list items that need redone, because the repairs haven’t held up,” Gera said. “As soon as the weather permits, they are going to go back in and fix what needs fixed.”

In August 2019, Jet Jack Inc. was awarded the project — which replaced approximately 7,000 feet of 100-year-old cast iron water lines along several city streets — with a bid of $1.8 million.

Gera said the “biggest issues were the temporary blacktop” that was placed on sidewalks.

“If you look at the patches that were uneven, they just went in there with some top material and it was too cold to put it down,” he said. “And it’s all coming up.”

The authority board on Tuesday tentatively approved a roughly $193,000 pay requisition to Jet Jack Inc., pending the contractor’s signing of a change order to complete the restoration work.

Gera said LMA will pay the contractor, and then will bill the City of Latrobe for the “portion that’s theirs for them to reimburse us.”

Also underway is Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s (PennDOT) portion of the project which includes intersection improvement.

That project, which began in July, calls for the installation of traffic signals at nine city intersections and handicapped-accessible curb ramps, along with fresh pavement. The project also calls for the replacement of 11 nearby fire hydrants.

In other business, Gera said Monastery Run reconstruction project contractor W.A. Petrakis of Export made LMA aware of a “situation of the interceptor.”

“There’s about 200 feet of the interceptor that is out in the Loyalhanna Creek,” Gera said. “The bank is eroded behind it and underneath it. We’re going to have to stabilize it.”

That portion of interceptor sewer line is between Monastery Run and the 4.3-million gallon equalization tank project that is aiming to prevent sewage overflows into the Loyalhanna Creek.

“I don’t know if the interceptor is leaking, but either way it has to be repaired because it could drop into the stream and we’d have a bigger problem,” Gera said.

He added that LMA will seek permits from the conservation district and state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to fix the interceptor.

“We’re going to price out constructing a new line maybe 10 or 15 feet behind this existing line,” he said, bypassing the 200-foot section of interceptor sewer line.

Officials said the interceptor sewer line replacement is not tied to the Act 537 consent order agreement designed to prevent sewage overflows into the Loyalhanna Creek through the installation of the EQ tank. The Monastery Run reconstruction project is the last segment of that consent order agreement.

LMA awarded a $198,990 bid to W.A. Petrakis in August for the Monastery Run reconstruction project. It calls for increasing the size of pipes of a roughly 900-foot stretch of sewer line, in addition to constructing several new manholes from Monastery Run to Lloyd Avenue Extension.

The LMA Board of Directors will meet at 4:45 p.m. Feb. 9 for its reorganizational meeting, followed immediately by its regular meeting at 5 p.m.

In other business, the board approved:

  • Payments in the water department, including $148 to Gibson-Thomas, and $38.90 to Meyer Darragh, both for the signal intersection water line replacement;
  • Payments in the wastewater department, including roughly $293,400 to Mele and Mele and Sons and $16,290 to Genesis Construction, both for work tied to the EQ tank; $8,600 to Gibson-Thomas for siphon chamber bar replacement, interceptor repair and cleaning and corrective action plan; $2,024.99 to Meyer Darragh, and roughly $20,700 to Gibson-Thomas for work related to the EQ tank and Monastery Run.

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