New Alexandria Borough officials discussed several items on Wednesday relating to its responsibility in addressing certain issues around town.

Regarding a “sinkhole” at 110 E. Main St., officials moved to take no action since it is not located on borough property.

A corrugated pipe has collapsed towards the end of the driveway of the E. Main Street home just before the street, according to council president Tim Ruane.

Council discussed who installed the pipe — the borough or a previous homeowner — and settled on the latter.

Officials noted that borough solicitor Brian Cavanaugh will write a formal letter to the homeowner stating the borough’s position.

“(We will) notify them that the borough will take no action because it’s not warranted, and it’s not borough property,” council member Jennifer Graham said.

Spurred by a resident’s question, council also discussed whose responsibility it is to repair dilapidated sidewalks throughout the borough.

“The borough is to maintain what is borough property,” Graham said. “If it happened in front of a homeowner, it’s their responsibility.”

Cavanaugh cited an ordinance which gives the borough the ability to issue a 10-day notice to property-owners to fix sidewalks that need to be repaired. Failure to act within the 10-day period could lead to a fine, Cavanaugh says.

Borough council did, however, assume responsibility Wednesday to soon remove a box belonging to the borough from a resident’s right of way along Main Street, off Route 22 near Gallagher Street.

The object was blocking the driveway between a fence and the building, according to borough officials.

In other business, borough officials met in June to discuss updating various ordinance violations.

Though no action was taken, Cavanaugh reminded council that any decision to update ordinances must be made at a public meeting, in accordance with the Sunshine Act.

Under new business, Ruane said the borough expects to get a price Thursday for work to be done at Lincoln and W. Main streets relating to a catch basin and pipe replacement under the street.

Ruane also told council that Children’s Park Playground is in need of mulch. Council will also look into adding features to the playground for smaller children to use. Borough officials cited borough parents who have mentioned a lack of options at the park for toddlers.

Borough officials lauded the summer work crews for their continued improvements around town.

“They are doing an excellent job,” Mayor Dottie Bacher said.

In other business, council:

  • Heard from Ruane who said switching to LED streetlights last year has cut borough lighting expenses by roughly 47%;
  • Heard from Bacher who reminds residents to not leave fires unattended during the dry-weather season;
  • Heard from New Alexandria Volunteer Fire Department President Charlie Traegger who invited council to cake and ice cream following the department’s 7 p.m. meeting for its 90th anniversary;
  • Learned the Community United Presbyterian Church is having a yard sale from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. July 18.

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