Richard K. Thomas was recently recognized for his 30 years of service with the Derry Borough Municipal Authority (DBMA).

Each year, the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association (PMAA) recognizes authority members who have dedicated many years of service to their authorities and communities.

Thomas received the Extended Service Award, given to those who have served 30 to 40 years or more.

Guy J. Hutchinson was also recognized for his 32 years with the Greater Greensburg Sewage Authority. Anthony J. Bione received the Sahli Service Award for serving 22 years with the Kiski Valley Water Pollution Control Authority.

The Sahli Service Award is awarded to those who have served 20 years or more, while the J.E. “Ted” Kuhn Award goes to those who have served 50 years or more.

These awards are given in an effort to promote interest in good authority administration and operation and to recognize faithful and effective service by authority officials.

“We recognize the long tenured and invaluable service of a number of municipal authority award recipients,” said Douglas Bilheimer, PMAA executive director. “Many authorities are fortunate to have the benefit of their long-tenured experience, knowledge and dedication.”

For more than 78 years, PMAA has been the primary voice of community-based services representing the interests of more than 2,600 municipal authorities in Pennsylvania.

“The common thread among these exemplary individuals is their tireless work and unwavering commitment to the daily success, year in and year out, of authority service delivery,” Bilheimer said. “These men and women are all selflessly dedicated to delivering the essential services to the citizens of their community and we thank them wholeheartedly for that service.”

PMAA’s mission is to assist municipal authorities in providing services that protect and enhance the environment and promote the economic vitality and general welfare of the commonwealth and its citizens.

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