The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) this week announced that it will begin accepting applications from local law enforcement agencies within the state to receive grant money for the purpose of investigating violations of and enforcement of laws relating to unlawful gambling.

The board posted on the homepage of its website the “Local Law Enforcement Grant Program’s Guidelines and Application,” and announced that the deadline to submit grant applications is Jan. 21, 2020.

Annually, $2 million is allocated to the board to award grants to local law enforcement agencies for the purpose of investigating violations of and enforcement of laws relating to unlawful gambling in Pennsylvania.

Local law enforcement agencies who are eligible to apply for these grants include:

  • Municipal and regional police departments;
  • District attorney offices;
  • Pennsylvania State Police, when it is the primary enforcement agency in that municipality;
  • Task forces of any combination of the above agencies;
  • College and university police departments.

The gaming control board said “inclusion of college and university police departments as local law enforcement agencies as eligible applicants in the program is new and has been added in recognition of the role these entities may play in combatting illegal gambling on higher education campuses.”

Funding of the Local Law Enforcement Grant program had been discontinued as a result of the reallocation of those funds to the Casino Marketing and Capital Development Account in Section 1407.1 of the Gaming Act. The State Supreme Court invalidated the diversion of funds to that account in 2019, resulting in the funds again being available for distribution to eligible local law enforcement agencies.

Program guidelines and an application form is available online at or by contacting Denise Miller-Tshudy at 717-703-2562 or

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