A Latrobe area farm has received an award for expanding its care and commitment to dairy farming experience. Sponsored by the American Dairy Association North East, the Dairying for Tomorrow Award was presented to Pleasant Lane Farms in honor for its outstanding efforts in community outreach.

The farm, located in Unity Township, gives tours to school, student and community groups, along with legislators, military groups, Boy Scouts and more. Tours feature updates and information about dairy technology and cow comfort by showing attendees a robotic milking parlor and the “Smart Barn” which allows automated control of lighting and ventilation and tracks the movements and needs of the farm’s 40 milking cows.

Using active social media channels, the owners and staff post upbeat video clips, live streams from the farm and offer unique farm story tasting opportunities to build strong connections with community members looking for local sources of food.

“We are excited and proud to show off our farm and the investments we have made in technology to care for our cows,” says owner Jason Frye. “Our barn doors are always open to folks who want to see how our cows spend their days.”

“Our dairy farmers are committed to producing high-quality milk, being good neighbors in their communities and being good stewards of their land and animals,” said Rick Naczi, CEO of American Dairy Association North East. “The Dairying for Tomorrow Awards recognize the unique actions taken on and off the farm by local dairy farmers to help sustain and improve the dairy industry.”

As part of the award, a $500 donation was made in the farm’s name to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank where the funds will provide fresh milk and dairy foods to families in the region. Milk is one of the most requested food items by parents who turn to food banks for nourishment of their families. Due to its perishability, milk is one of the least donated items.

Visit the farm at pleasantlanefarms.com or on Facebook or Instagram @pleasantlanefarms

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