State Rep. Joseph Petrarca, D-Westmoreland/Armstrong/Indiana, on last week announced that a total of 24 fire and emergency medical services companies are slated to receive state grants totaling $317,598.

Fire departments throughout the Bulletin coverage area were among the recipients of the state grant funds awarded through the Pennsylvania’s Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service Grant Program, administered by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.

In addition to funding equipment and training, the money can be used for repairing, building or renovating facilities and for repaying debt related to equipment purchases or facility building and maintenance.

“We rely on our local firefighters and emergency services personnel to respond quickly to dangerous situations, including fires, accidents and other events, on a daily basis,” Petrarca said in a news release. “These grants can be helpful in paying for training, purchasing needed equipment, and for construction or repairs to their facilities.”

Petrarca noted that recipients must visit the OSFC grant link and complete and return the original signed copies of their grant agreements to the OSFC office as soon as possible in order to process their grant and to receive funds.

Petrarca said the grants are as follows:

Westmoreland County

Avonmore Volunteer Fire Department, $11,509;

Bell Township Volunteer Fire Department, $11,920;

Derry Volunteer Fire Department, $11,509;

Derry Township Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1 of Bradenville, $12,194;

Hyde Park Volunteer Fire Department, $12,878;

Latrobe — Good Will Hose Co. No. 1, $11,509;

Latrobe — Hook & Ladder Co. 2 LVFD, $11,783;

Latrobe — Freewill Volunteer Hose Company No. 3 & 4, $11,509;

Latrobe — Good Friends Hose Company No. 5, $11,509;

Latrobe — Free Service Fire Unit Number 6, $11,646;

Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Department, $14,248;

New Alexandria Volunteer Fire Department, $11,646;

Oklahoma Volunteer Fire Department 1, $9,192 for EMS, $12,467 for fire company;

Vandergrift George G. McMurtry No. 1 Fire Department, $13,700;

Vandergrift Fire Department No. 2, $9,192 for EMS, $11,509 for fire company;

Washington Township Volunteer Fire Co. No. 1 of Westmoreland County, $13,700;

West Leechburg Volunteer Fire Company, $11,783;

Whitney Hostetter Volunteer Fire Department, $11,783;

Youngstown Volunteer Department and Relief Association, $14,248;

Armstrong County

Apollo Volunteer Fire Department Hose Company No. 2, $11,783;

Apollo Volunteer Fire Department Hose Company No. 3, $11,783;

Leechburg Volunteer Fire Company, $11,509;

Lower Kiski Ambulance Service Inc, $9,192;

Parks Township Volunteer Fire Department, $11,646;

Indiana County

Saltsburg Volunteer Fire Department, $10,251.

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