Live! Casino recently released economic impact investments totaling nearly $135 million during its first year of operation.

Over a period of 12 months, Live! Casino will have paid $1.4 million in local taxes to the Hempfield Township, along with an additional $49.5 million to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue in gaming taxes.

The entertainment facility has also compensated local employees by delivering $21 million in compensation, including salaries, wages and benefits. The casino currently employs 521 local team members. More than 120 of them received promotions throughout the year.

Local businesses have also benefitted because of the casino investing more than $18 million in goods and services. Of this amount, $9 million was provided to local businesses, while $5.5 million was invested in women and minority-owned businesses.

In addition, local charitable organizations received $100,000 in contributions over the past year through direct donations and the casino’s The Giveback Box. The program includes two donation boxes where guests can contribute slot tickets, cash or table game chips to support local charities. Donations also can be made when cashing out slot tickets at the casino kiosks.

Many customers were also on the winning side of the equation with a total player winnings pay out of $44 million.

“Live! Casino is delighted to have had such a large and positive impact on our local communities,” said Sean Sullivan, general manager of Live! Casino. “In addition to serving as the hottest entertainment destination for the region, we are proud to be able to provide value to our entire community by offering family-sustaining jobs, patronizing local businesses, and the having the ability to distribute a substantial portion of dollars for community enhancements through donations and taxes.”

This one-year figures are in addition to the initial $150 million investment in construction costs for the 100,000 square feet of gaming, dining, and entertainment space. Live! provided approximately 960 direct and indirect construction jobs.

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