A longtime Derry Borough councilman said goodbye on Monday.

Council, with regret, approved the resignation of Chad Fabian at its regular meeting. Fabian’s resignation is effective immediately.

“It’s been a great run,” Fabian said.

Fabian, who served as vice president and most recently president during his eight years on council, simply said it was time to go.

“(I) made decisions based on facts in my head and my heart,” Fabian wrote in a post to borough residents on Facebook. “I wish the new council members and mayor to please continue working for the best of the town. I have been glad to serve everyone, but eight (years) is enough for me.”

Fabian played a role in several borough projects during his tenure, including the reconstruction of the Route 217 bridge, the East Owens Avenue project, the dog park and other upgrades at Derry Community Park and continued efforts to bring business to the Porcelain Park area.

With Fabian’s departure, council earlier during Monday’s meeting voted to select a new president, but it was far from a consensus decision.

Current vice president Al Checca was nominated by Fabian for the council president post, but the vote stalled at a 2-2 tie — Fabian and Grant Nicely voted yes and Sara Cowan and Jim Ritenour voted no. With the voting at a deadlock, Derry Borough Mayor Alanna DeRito-Gaudiello had to break the tie and voted no.

During the next attempt to select a president, Ritenour nominated Cowan and Fabian nominated Nicely. While Cowan’s nomination died for lack of a second, Nicely’s nomination resulted in the same 2-2 deadlock, with DeRito-Gaudiello breaking the tie with a yes vote.

The same situation took place during the vice president selection process — another 2-2 deadlock and required tie-breaking vote from the mayor — before Checca was reappointed to the position.

Additionally, Ritenour was voted as council president pro-tem.

Council member Mary Landis was absent, as was newly-elected council member Alison Camp.

In other business, council approved:

  • Lee Demosky as borough solicitor for 2020;
  • Josh Campbell as borough fire chief for 2020;
  • David Colecchia as zoning hearing board solicitor;
  • For Tim Rennie to conduct the borough’s 2019 audits;
  • To allow the fire chief to change 911 call-outs;
  • A resolution noting that borough police officers shall not be required to make contributions to the police pension fund in 2020;
  • Sara Cowan as primary voting delegate and Lori Latta as secondary delegate for the Westmoreland County Tax Collection Committee, effective Jan. 6;
  • A resolution supporting House Bill 1775 for stormwater facilities on state highways, making the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) responsible to maintain stormwater drainage facilities on state highways within the borough;
  • A final pay estimate in the amount of $11,517.69 to A. Folino Construction Inc., along with a change order in the amount of $13,794.72. The change order is for additional excavation and paving tied to the project, borough officials said;
  • Hiring Braden Linebarger as a part-time police officer;
  • To transfer retired K-9 officer Blade to police chief Randy Glick for $1;
  • To authorize the borough secretary/treasurer to pay bills between meetings to take advantage of discounts and prevent bills from becoming overdue;
  • To advertise an ordinance for real estate tax exemptions for the construction of new dwelling units within the borough;
  • To advertise an ordinance for real estate exemptions for certain deteriorated industrial, commercial and other business property.

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