Doug Murphy has announced his candidacy for a six-year term as Unity Township supervisor.

A lifelong Unity Township resident, Murphy, 59, plans on running as a Republican during the May 18 primary election.

He said he hopes to bring “new blood, new leadership, a new voice and new visions,” as well as his 38 years of business experience to bear on township operations.

While working in Pittsburgh, Murphy studied business management at Westmoreland County Community College. He also ran heavy equipment for 35 years in a supplemental excavating enterprise.

Semi-retired, Murphy buys and sells muscle cars as a hobby. He and his wife, Nadine, have been married for 31 years and have a daughter, Kayla. Nadine Murphy is a dedicated optician with Luxottica retail for more than 40 years. Kayla is a dedicated student who recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree and is now attending graduate school.

Murphy explained that it is critical to have someone new on the board so that there is a fresh set of ideas to improve the township. Murphy plans on having a better system in place by answering and returning phone calls in a timely manner.

“I have known of multiple situations where residents have been waiting over 30 days to get a simple ‘yes or no’ answer,” Murphy said. “We need to have good communication with our residents and hear what they have to say.”

Murphy emphasized that it is important to develop good relationships with residents, who should not have to wait to know answers.

“People don’t work for me, they work with me,” Murphy said. “When I am a supervisor, I plan on developing a system so that residents will only have to wait seven to 10 days for an answer, rather than 30 days. The residents’ problems are my problems, and I will be there for my residents.”

In addition to working with heavy equipment, Murphy said he would bring decades of business management skills to local government. He cited experience in human resources, budgeting and working with vendors.

“I’m good with numbers, and I can troubleshoot really quickly,” he said, adding that he would emphasize teamwork among township staff.

Murphy explained that he wants to work on financing, budgeting and business plans.

“I want to know where the money is going and what is being used for,” he said. “If need be, we can finance by receiving loans or grants to make our township rise. However, in order to do this, I plan on setting a budget as well as developing a business plan every three years. This allows us to develop realistic goals to achieve and make our township stand out.”

Murphy also said containing taxes and expanding recreation for children would be among his goals as a supervisor.

“Children need to have recreation as a hobby and stay out of trouble,” he said. “It is one of my biggest goals to make sure all children feel safe, as well as their parents knowing they are safe in Unity Township.”

Murphy emphasized that he would want to attend the township’s planning commission and zoning hearing board meetings as a supervisor.

“I am not going to be working 7-3 shifts,” he said. “I will be at all meetings so that Unity Township knows they can come to me for anything.”

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