Derry Borough Council at Tuesday’s regular meeting adopted a tentative 2022 budget with no increase in property taxes.

It marks the fourth straight year that taxes won’t be going up for borough residents. Council last raised taxes in 2018, when it approved a half-mill tax hike.

The borough’s millage rate remains at 29 mills. The borough also collects a separate street lighting tax of 2.5 mills.

Next year’s tentative $798,733 budget shows an increase of just over $23,000 compared to the 2021 spending plan.

The borough’s total administrative expenses ($279,888), public safety expenditures ($225,649) and public works expenditures ($170,263) include slight increases in 2022. Related to public safety, the tentative spending plan shows a nearly $8,000 increase in total hourly part-time police patrolman pay to $56,195.

The budget also lists $86,220 in proposed liquid fuels tax revenues in 2022, compared to nearly $85,000 this year.

Council will look to approve a final budget at next month’s regular meeting.

Also discussed at Tuesday’s meeting:

  • Interim mayor Grant Nicely’s report for October included 38 complaints calls, nine traffic citations, one non-traffic citation and no parking tickets;
  • Code and zoning enforcement officer Shannon Cypher-Hart reported violation notices and two zoning permits in October.

In other business, council approved:

  • A review of a gas line tied to the Garland Mills project, recommended by Gibson-Thomas Engineering Co. Inc., through a test dig change order in the amount of $1,729.60. The change order also includes wall anchors within the project area;
  • To advertise draft amendments for a proposed RV, mobile home and camping equipment ordinance;
  • For PRINT to provide an updated Derry Borough map and distribute it to residents, while providing additional maps as a distributional resources for the borough office;
  • Westmoreland County Transit Authority agreement from the period of July 1, 2021, to June 20, 2022.

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