The Derry Borough Municipal Authority (DBMA) board on Wednesday approved a plan for the future installation of seven catch basins within the municipality.

According to information provided by the authority, the catch basins purchased through AbTech carry a total cost of $11,494, or $1,642 apiece.

The seven catch basins plan to be installed on East 2nd/McFarland streets, East Keeling Avenue/Ramsey Way and McFarland Street and Gersey Way, and the end of Ramsey Way. A time table for the installation wasn’t known at press time.

Project plans call for the eventual installation of about 50 catch basins, DBMA Manager Amy Forsha said.

The new catch basins are being added to help meet federally mandated MS4 requirements, which aims for municipalities to limit stormwater runoff and, by extension, to gradually decrease the percentage of particulates (such as soil or pollutants) that are being deposited into nearby natural waterways.

In June 2019, the authority board approved establishing a monthly fee to borough customers to help fund work to meet MS4 requirements. The fee system currently brings in roughly $120,000 per year, Forsha said previously.

“It’s nice that we’ve formed a stormwater fund so we can actually generate the revenue to do these things,” she said.

Additionally, the DBMA in December received $113,500 in stormwater retrofit funding for the authority building parking lot through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s (DEP) Growing Greener grant program.

The project, which Forsha said carries a total cost of just over $240,000, is meant to be implemented by the end of 2022.

In other business, the authority approved for Derry-based Smoker Paving Inc. to fix patches where it had previously replaced sewer lines or made water line repairs.

The paving carries a total cost of $25,269, which is split into water and sewer work, the authority noted. Smoker Paving was one of four companies to submit quotes for the project, Forsha said.

Also Wednesday, Forsha said die testing is nearly completed within the borough’s First Ward. She noted the authority is compiling die testing lists for Third Ward residents and will be mailing out letters by the end of the week.

In other business, the authority approved:

  • The first pay estimate for the authority’s sledge press building at a cost of $39,375;
  • To move next month’s board meeting to Aug. 25.

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