Don Kepple is looking to be elected as the next Derry Township supervisor in the Nov. 2 general election.

Kepple, 51, was raised on a dairy farm in New Alexandria, where he learned the value of hard work.

He said he has extensive experience in infrastructure construction, primarily installing city water lines, sanitary sewers and storm sewers into municipalities and outlying areas, as well as repairing and paving roads.

If elected, Kepple said he "will use his work experiences in farming and commercial construction to make common sense decisions that will keep Derry Township moving forward, taxes low and families safe."

Kepple said he will be a full-time roadmaster whose top priority will be to maintain roads, bridges and storm sewers. He noted he will "encourage a good line of communication with township work crews to achieve required results."

He added that he understands the importance of working with his fellow supervisors, township engineer and solicitor and other officials, working within the budget and limited resources of the township.

If elected, Kepple said he plans to focus on "attracting new residential development and business to the township to grow the tax base. To facilitate this, he will proactively pursue grant money to expand internet access, public water and sewage lines, improve roads and recreational facilities throughout the township."

He added that he will "keep an open door to all township residents, listening to their concerns and will work to achieve solutions that benefit the stakeholders of the township."

Don and his wife, Jenny Casey Kepple, enjoyed raising their two children in Derry Township. They couple has volunteered for various community organizations and coached youth sports. He and his wife are members of St. Martin Parish.

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