Shopping local returned to many Ligonier business today, May 15, as Westmoreland County goes yellow.

Most shops, in addition to having walk in sales, will continue online and phone orders with shipping and curbside pickup available.

The Ligonier Valley Chamber of Commerce is posting and updating reopening information daily including the schedule of times and days for individual businesses.

Remember to follow the CDC guidelines by wearing a mask when in stores and social distancing.

For additional information, visit or call 724-238-4200

* * *

All residents are reminded, it is not too late, everyone counts. Do not forget to fill out your 2020 Census and mail it.

* * *

Cook Township Supervisors passed a resolution at their meeting last week, extending the municipal real estate tax 2% discount until Aug. 31, and waived penalties if paid in full by Dec. 31.

All municipal real estate taxes paid after Dec. 31 will be subject to the normal delinquency penalties

* * *

The Ligonier Valley Library, along with other Westmoreland County public libraries, will not reopen to the public today, May 15.

The Office of Commonwealth Libraries has submitted a plan for reopening to the Departments of Education and Health.

The Westmoreland Library Network is also working on plans for reopening with a focus on keeping staff and community safe.

When libraries reopen, their services will look a bit different. They are implementing ways to adhere to the guidelines on social distancing, masking, and quarantining materials.

Continue to keep your library materials. They will automatically renew.

Meanwhile, patrons are encouraged to enjoy the growing digital services and resources. If you need a library card, visit to learn how to register for an online library card.

* * *

Are you aware that on Wednesday, May 20, at 8:20 p.m. and 20 seconds, it will be 20:20:20 2020 using the 24-hour format. This is a rare recurring pattern that will continue on the 20th day of every month only in the year 2020.

* * *

Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art-Ligonier Valley extended thanks to local artists, Jean Beaufort, Doreen Currie, Becky Mormack, Joan Mudge, and Peg Panasiti for helping with a special project for the regional hospitals and Bethlen Communities.

These artists painted uplifting images with positive affirmations that were made into durable signs. The signs were placed at the entrances of Latrobe, Westmoreland and Frick Hospitals as well as Ligonier Gardens and Personal Care Home/ Retirement Center.

They were designed to support all those on the front lines, providing care every day.

* * *

Beginning Saturday, May 23, and until further notice, shoppers must follow these guidelines when visiting the Ligonier Country Market grounds for the Saturday market as well as The Diamond Park during the Night Market:

Practice social distancing, wear a protective face mask, don’t bring reusable bags or totes, enter and exit at the four approved areas, use the hand-washing stations provided, use hand sanitizer where provided, follow all directional signs, stay within marked/roped boundaries., don’t touch vendor foods or food products, don’t consume purchased foods while on the market grounds, pay with a credit card, debit card, or check whenever possible, attempt to send one family member to enter the market grounds and shop, complete purchases, and exit the market as quickly as possible to help maintain personal distancing.

For additional information, visit

* * *

The following township meeting was posted on the Ligonier Township website, but did not stipulate if it will be conducted remotely via Zoom: Ligonier Township Zoning Hearing Board, 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 19.

* * *

Items for Valley Views can be submitted by emailing to or left at the Ligonier Valley Library. Deadline for Saturday’s column is the prior Thursday morning. Please note that the 1 in the email address is the numeric one on the keypad not the lower case L.

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