Germ Genie

Germ Genie, a new product aimed to help prevent the spread of germs, was created by teens in Florida.

Henry Hurowitz didn’t know a pandemic was coming. But Germ Genie, the product he created, can help prevent you catching it and is a must for anyone traveling on a plane to help prevent the spread of germs.

It started with a rash for the 16 year old from Florida. He fell asleep on a plane with his face on the tray table and woke up with a bad rash on his face. Wanting to prevent others from having the same problem, he led a team of his fellow teens from his Junior Achievement of South Florida club to create Germ Genie

This small pouch contains items to help sanitize your space in a plane. We all know that the dirtiest place on an airplane that we are most in contact with is the tray table. Even though the airlines have all upped their game in cleaning planes, there’s no way they can thoroughly clean a plane between flights. We need to take control of our space ourselves.

To combat the germs on tray tables, the team created their signature item, airplane tray table placemats. A package contains 15 disposable tray table covers that stick in place on the tray and provide a hygienic surface. These are also available to purchase separately.

Other items in the Germ Genie pouch include disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, latex-free gloves, head rest cover and a face mask.

You can also add one or two of the N95 respirator masks, the kind recommended to use to prevent the transfer of the virus.

You don’t have to fly to use these items, of course. Use the gloves when pumping gas at the station and the wipes anywhere in public. If you are going out, please carry a supply of disinfecting wipes to use when washing your hands isn’t an option.

The last large gathering I went to was a conference and there were wipes and hand sanitizer everywhere. Several of the people in the booths were giving out small bottles and tubes of the sanitizer as well, most likely purchased far before the virus really took hold.

These creative teens from Florida are community-minded as well. They are donating 10% of their profits to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and an additional 10% to Junior Achievement of South Florida.

Where Can I Buy Germ Genie?

Purchase Germ Genie on the website. Prices start at $8.99 for the placemats and go up to $49.99 for the premium package with two N95 masks.

As you may imagine, some items are sold out as they work to keep up with demand caused by the fear of spread of the virus. Now that the outbreak has reached pandemic status , demand is up and the team is selling large quantities to AutoNation, airport stores and possibly a major airline.

But you can put yourself on a waiting list per this note on the website: “We are currently sold out of all Premium Package inventory. We are working diligently to procure more product. Under the “CONTACT” tab, please leave us your name and email so we may contact you as soon as we restock. We appreciate your interest in Germ Genie™ and look forward to providing you products to stay “Germ Free On The Go” in the near future.”

Many of us are not traveling and staying home as much as possible. When you do need to venture out, recall the words Sergeant Phil Esterhaus said every morning in the1980’s TV show, “Hill Street Blues.” After their meeting he sent them to work saying, “Let’s be careful out there.”

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