Derry Area Class of 1969 celebrates its 50th anniversary with reunion in Unity Township

Members of Derry Area Senior High School Class of 1969 who attended the 50th-anniversary reunion Nov. 16 at Giannilli’s II, Unity Township, are Patti Short, Kathy Morrow Denara, Barbara Kern Bush, Darlene Bertsch Latimer, (row two) John “Butch” Ankney, Patti McInchock Mudge, Linda Burger Block, Wanda Pinchock, Donna Laughlin Burres, Mary Ebert Lindh, Patti Kuhns, Janice Frye Crowe, Judy Franchock Lynch, Kathy McIlnay Stewart, (row three) Bill Dixon, Jeanne McCabe Horrell, Brenda Pynos Wasil, Susan Yacobucci Harris, Lula Chisholm Sweney,Sue Volpe Malarik, Molly Toner Ihli, (row four) Charlie Schmidt, Rich DeBacco, Bob Hook, Jim Berkey, Dave Craig, Ray Kahl, Bill Rhoades, Stan Cribbs,Corky Horrell, Keith Ashley, Harold Myers, Mark Sobota, Angela DiPietro Bumar, Scott Fritz, Andy Malarik, Paul Klein, John Lindh, Bill Shine, Jeff Manning, Dennis Dablock and Charlie Hirko.

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