Starting July 31, Women Supporting Women will meet monthly in Temple of Praise Fellowship Hall, 302 S. Pennsylvania Ave., Greensburg, (across from the post office).

Spokeswoman Lois Waldron of Latrobe said, “Come and listen as women tell their story, how the Lord changed their lives and started them on a path of faith, hope and healing.

“In John 4:29, Jesus spoke to a woman who was drawing water from the common well, and he told her all about her life. A chance meeting at the common well changed the woman’s life forever. She became a ‘well dweller.’

“Are you a ‘well dweller?’ Then come and listen to women whose lives were changed at the well.

“If you desire to be a ‘well dweller’ then come and listen and hear how you too can be on a new path of faith, hope and healing.”

Waldron noted that book bags and school supplies will be collected for a “local outreach.”

* * *

All area pastors are asked to check the Directory of Area Churches page in the Bulletin Weekend edition each Friday to make sure their entries are up to date. Included are the name of the church, its address, pastor’s name and times of Masses, services, Sunday School, Communion and sacrament of reconciliation.

(Announcements of guest speakers, Bible studies, special programs, fundraisers etc. are published on the Lifestyles pages.)

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