Bolivar and Ligonier boroughs add no vaping to YLAP initiative

Ron Betts, Bolivar street commissioner, and Patricia Betts, secretary-treasurer, display a Young Lungs at Play! sign being posted at play areas. Young Lungs at Play! is an initiative that promotes nicotine-free parks and playgrounds.

Penn State Extension, Westmoreland County office, welcomes Bolivar and Ligonier boroughs as well as the Ligonier Valley YMCA to the growing list of municipalities and child care centers who recognize the serious health risks of vaping and add that to their Young Lungs at Play (YLAP) policies.

YLAP is a Pennsylvania initiative to make parks, playing fields and playgrounds and other public spaces tobacco-free, e-cigarette and vape-free.

Spokeswoman Vickie Oles, MSW, said, “Penn State Extension invites all Westmoreland County municipalities, child care centers, housing complexes, condo associations, and school districts to join us in eliminating children’s exposure to secondhand cigarette and vaping smoke by participating in Young Lungs at Play!, a no-cost program. This initiative will help protect the health of all youth from secondhand smoke and e-cigarette vapor.

“Penn State staff help sites tailor new policies to their needs, or to update existing policies to include e-cigarettes, then provides FREE weather resistant Young Lungs at Play! signs that can be posted in those tobacco/vape/e-cigarette-free areas.”

For more information about Young Lungs at Play!, contact Penn State Extension at 724-858-4224. For help to quit, free patches, gum or lozenges, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Health:

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