For the ninth consecutive year, Excela Health has been recognized among the Healthiest Employers in Western Pennsylvania, and for the fifth year in a row was named a Healthiest 100 Workplace in America, in an awards program presented by Healthiest Employer.

The Healthiest Employer awards program, powered by Springbuk, was created to honor people-first organizations that prioritize the well-being of their employee population. These companies were recognized because of their commitment to workplace wellness and their exceptional health and benefits offerings.

Award applicants in western Pennsylvania were evaluated across six key categories: Culture and Leadership, Foundational Components, Strategic Planning, Communication and Marketing, Programming and Interventions, and Reporting and Analytics. Completed assessments were ranked with the proprietary Healthiest Employers Index, a 1-100 rubric for wellness programming.

Winners at the national level are selected based on their Healthiest Employers Index. Springbuk evaluates each applicant using its Health Intelligence platform — powerful, AI-driven technology that applies proprietary algorithms to disparate health and related data, generating insights and actionable opportunities to save money and prevent disease.

In western Pennsylvania, Excela Health was tops in its category representing companies with an employee complement between 1,500-4,999. Nationally, Excela was ranked No. 56 among the Healthiest 100.

“Never has employee well-being been more critical than during this time of public health crisis,” said Laurie English, Excela Health chief human resources officer. “As a health system, our employees are on the front lines of the pandemic, and facing physical, emotional and spiritual challenges as they provide care. Being able to offer the resources to help our teams manage stress, find work-life balance and cope with personal and family medical concerns is mission critical to improving the health and well-being of every life we touch.”

“As we have navigated the pandemic, we have adapted traditional in-person wellness programming to an online platform, allowing nutrition and exercise classes to continue uninterrupted for staff as well as the community,” said Patrick Martin, manager of Excela Health’s Well-Being Center. “We’ve developed more video resources for stress relief and grief support and are utilizing our employee assistance program to its broadest potential to touch employees and their families on every front including their financial wellness and retirement planning.”

“Receiving repeat recognition for what has become engrained in our culture not only validates our success in adapting to the ever-changing healthcare landscape, but demonstrates how necessary a robust employee wellness program is. We are indeed honored to be a regional and national leader in this regard,” English added.

Earlier this year, Excela Health also was a repeat honoree among the Nation’s Best and Brightest in Wellness sponsored by the National Association for Business Resources. Excela first received this honor in 2016 and has remained a recipient each award period.

“Each company on this list can be proud of their investment in health and well-being and the impact it has on the lives of its employees and our communities,” Healthiest Employers Program Coordinator Haley Elmore said. “Not only are these companies demonstrating care for their people, but those businesses are thriving by having more engaged, focused, and productive employees.”

Healthiest Employers was founded over a decade ago by Springbuk to encourage employers’ investment in the health and well-being of their employees and to encourage companies to take a more deliberate data-driven approach to employee health issues and benefits planning.

“Companies are beginning to understand the value of investing in the health and wellbeing of employees as they see more engaged and focused people, not to mention the positive impact on employer branding and talent retention,” Springbuk CEO Rod Reason said.

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