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Off the Wall: Your part

As I began to listen for God’s guidance in writing this story, various questions seemed to enter my mind at the same time.

“Will this weather ever end?” or “When will this rain subside?” Yet, we truck on from day to day hoping what is around the corner will only get better. For some there is a brighter light at the end of the tunnel. For others, times are a bit stagnant, and things remain seemingly the same.

But in a sense, that’s life. This next sentence is very important and should be taken to heart: “Life is what we make of it.” The question is, “What can we do to improve each situation?”

Right off the bat, in my opinion, we have to peel away the “me” attitude that has made the former generation, strictly speaking, a real pain. In its place, we must start combining our efforts to make our initiatives integrate with others.

Just think if you and I wrote this story together. It wouldn’t have to be what I’m talking about today, but anything, like cars, hunting or making clay pots, all of which I know nothing about. I could add that all three have something in common, that each activity is done by use of a finger or two, but my education is very limited on those subjects. That’s where you come in. Whatever I don’t know, you could be my educator.

I’ve seen stories in tabloids with two or more bylines. So, it goes without question that many of my stories may have been improved and still can be improved if others do their part to contribute to my writings.

My stories, again in my opinion, have never been about my doing it all. Never has the “me” part been a factor. I’ve always had help, and as I personally sense my inner vibrations, it has come from the supernatural. It’s made life a lot easier.

But regardless, if you have a college or high school assignment, share with the person beside you and then ask the teacher if it’s all right that the two of you work out an assignment together.

Since in this case, it takes two parts to make a whole, once approved, wouldn’t it be more fun to learn with another and dig up the nitty-gritty each separately and then join notes to come up with the final project?

If the professor or the teacher were to designate half the class to research subject material in parts, how much more fun would the homework assignments be than having them to do them all by yourself? Are you beginning to get my drift?

Your part may play into something way more important than the other person’s only because you spent more time digging a little deeper because you had the time to do so.

College is so much more “high-tech,” so one has to complete so many credits in a certain amount of semesters to graduate. Now, for example, if I would have been allowed to do half the work and another person do the other half, maybe I would have been a scholar of a sort, but then I doubt it. I would have spent all my free time making time with the young ladies on campus. Now, don’t get me wrong. I did what was “proper.” I was primarily interested in their company. I haven’t changed to this day, if you can believe that!

Now, I realize I may have talked too much about schooling. This approach works oodles of different ways as well. Get away from the “me bit” and start giving of yourself. Once you get the hang of it, you just may think of others first and you, possibly, last.