The coronavirus case total among residents of Westmoreland Manor increased, and one additional resident there has died following the COVID-19 outbreak at the county-owned nursing home.

After reporting no new cases at the Hempfield Township facility on Thursday, the Westmoreland County Commissioners on Friday issued an update indicating one additional resident had tested positive. On Saturday, the commissioners reported that two more residents had tested positive for COVID-19 and that one additional Westmoreland Manor resident had died, bringing the death total among residents following the outbreak to three.

The new cases reported over the weekend bring the total among Westmoreland Manor residents to 107 — more than 31% of the facility’s resident population. The case total among Westmoreland Manor employees and contract staff members has remained at 32 since Wednesday’s update.

All staff and residents that tested negative at the Manor continue to be retested every three to seven days, and retesting will continue until the facility experiences a period of at least 14 days without any new coronavirus cases since the most recent positive test.

According to county officials, most of the residents who have tested positive for the virus remain asymptomatic. Four residents remained hospitalized with the virus as of Saturday’s news release.

After not recording a single case of coronavirus among residents through the first six months of the coronavirus pandemic, Westmoreland Manor saw a surge of positive tests beginning in mid-September. County officials have not disclosed how the recent outbreak at the manor began. In-person visitation at the facility had been halted amid the pandemic before resuming just a few weeks prior to the first positive tests among residents.

County officials halted in-person visitation at Westmoreland Manor again on Sept. 22.

The commissioners called upon the Pennsylvania National Guard late last month to assist with testing at Westmoreland Manor, and have also enlisted medical assistance from Excela Health. National Guard members were initially expected to assist for three days, but were now scheduled to remain through Oct. 12.

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