Members of the Greater Latrobe School District are closely watching a bill that would allow school districts to decide how many fans can attend indoor and outdoor athletic contests and events.

The state House and Senate passed a bill that would allow districts to set their own limits on the number of fans in the stands during indoor and outdoor events. The current limit because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is 250 people for outdoor events and 25 indoor.

The bill needs final approval from Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf. If enacted, it would give districts the option to set their own guidelines.

Greater Latrobe superintendent Dr. Georgia Teppert said the goal isn’t to open events to the masses and the public.

“We would hope, if it’s enacted, to be able to supply wristbands or passes to parents of athletes and performers, so they would be able to see their children participate in the activities,” Teppert said.

The Greater Latrobe School Board, during Tuesday’s regular meeting, approved an updated interscholastic athletic programs health and safety return to competition and off-season voluntary workout plan for the 2020-21 school year.

District officials recommended changes to its return to competition plan at the end of August, remaining in line with the 250 outdoor limit and 25 set indoors.

Outdoor attendance will be monitored using district-issued wristbands to home and visiting schools.

For football, the visiting team is issued 70 wristbands for their team, coaches, trainers or any other essential personnel, while the home team receives 80 wristbands. The remaining 100 wristbands go to 23 home cheerleaders, three security and 74 in sets of two to 37 players’ parents or any combination adding to 74 as selected by the coach. Fans, players and coaches will be socially distant and must wear a mask when six feet of social distancing cannot be achieved.

For soccer, field hockey and JV football, the 250 wristbands will include 30 for each team, 60 for parents on the visiting team, 120 wristbands for parents on the home team, 10 for referees and ball boys, and 20 for other essential personnel like clock operators, announcers, security, administration and media.

For outdoor events like tennis and cross country, which draw few fans, the district will ensure that all fans are socially distanced and wear a mask when six feet of distancing is not possible. At no time will the teams intermingle.

The only individuals at indoor events will be athletes, coaches, officials and one district administrator, not surpassing 25 at any given point. During senior night, parents will enter the gym, be recognized, and then exit. Visiting teams will remain in the locker room during these presentations. There will not be concession stands for indoor or outdoor events.

The board also approved:

  • Resignation of Diane Cavalier, secretary; Jennifer Gump, classroom assistant, and Kelsey Kotun, musical production director;
  • Compensation change to current assistant athletic director pay plan to salary of $46,157 retroactive to July 1, approving Zachary Heide, current assistant athletic director;
  • Danielle Sackandy, health room assistant, $15.75 an hour; Donna Brandt, personal nurse assistant, and Rita Benson, part-time personal nurse assistant, at $14 an hour; Anthony Walsh Jr., custodian, $13.08 an hour; Derek Sipe, substitute custodian, $9.25 an hour;
  • Ellen Perkins, musical production director, $3,408; Tim Sheridan, band director, $7,137; Ron Monack, junior high basketball assistant, $3,796; Heide, junior varsity golf coach, $1,468, and Tyler Gustafson (football) Lauren Spallone (junior high soccer), Katie Stallings (field hockey) as volunteer coaches;
  • Robert Angelo (elementary, special education), Jennifer Espinosa (grades PK-4), Diane Godwin (registered nurse), Tyler Gustafson (bachelor in physical education), Jacqueline Sabella (registered nurse) and Livia Wentworth (grades PK-4) as substitute teachers;
  • Westmoreland Intermediate Unit EL and ESL professional services;
  • Agreement with Holly Ann Gray/HA Gray Speech and Language, effective Aug. 15, 2020, to Aug. 14, 2021;
  • Denise Dougherty, speech pathologist agreement effective Sept. 1, 2020, through Aug. 30, 2021;
  • World language vista higher learning curriculum agreement ending August 2026;
  • Bids for winter sports equipment;
  • Amendment to Excela Health Physician Practices, Inc., Excela Health Medical Group Services Agreement;
  • Latrobe Dental Arts, LCC as school dental examiners for the 2020-21 school year with $4 for each student dental examination;
  • Election of PSBA officers, including David Hein (president-elect), Daniel O’Keefe (vice president), Michael Gossert (treasurer), Marsha Pleta (western at-large), Marianne Neel, Michael Faccinetto (trustee), Stephen Skrocki and Tracy Long, steering committee;
  • First reading of 19 board policies.

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